Which is your bra size mine is 36 dd
jenna1417 jenna1417
18-21, F
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Very sexy

Me too


oh wow im a 34 c

34 C :)

36 b :)


36 dd also


Wife is 38 D

So is mine

Well I saw my size and got excited 😂

32 a... But i love em just the same

42 dd

great size.

I'm a 36DDD/F

Yes they're natural

i assumed so, that is pretty big.



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-waddles in-....32B....

That's the best

Compared to everyone else here I don't have anything. Lol Naw.

I like A-C

I suppose it's just a matter of who's being asked.

always keep that in mind.

different guys like different body types. you are probably petite, and therefore have the breasts that accompany that frame.

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Want to talk about it ?

well, well...not too shabby jenna;)

32D I HATE my boobs


Because they're too small ;(

Not really they are fine

hey, if it's any consolation tot you, many women would (literally) kill to have (real) breasts half that size.

And having big boobs have a lot of things that I hate hahaha

I really want a boob job.

Like what??

I'd like to be a 32DD maybe a little more. I'm a small girl. I have curves and a butt and a waist but I don't feel like a real woman because I have tiny boobs. ;(

I'm sure that you are really sexy

My boyfriend (ex) told me many times that I need a boob job. I do need one. I'm not good enough.

come on now, don't let that guy get into your head like that.

Smaller is better

Yours are a perfect size!

there may be things you hate about them, but just remember: there are oh so many girls that are so jealous of you. love them.

Small she says meanwhile many have a and b cup. She complains about a d.

hahahaha, such is life.

You can take some of mine I would love to be smaller

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