I hate it when a guy says they can "turn me" or "you just haven't been with me yet" HA. Um no. Sorry. Girls are better. ;)
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So true

very sad , that's normally happiness to females who's not normal , attracted to same sex .

Thank you, so much, for demonstrating one of the reasons that we turn away from you guys, in the first place!

That's okey there is plenty of normal attractive female for us , to notice or even care .

attraction is not a choice
By the way scientifically it's unique error in female or male who are gay

And there is treatment for it yet !

That's just male bravado

As soon I said that a man tried to add me.

I would agree but I never been with a man.

Or ask if they can watch or join in.

I couldn't do it, dealing with all that drama, emotions, and pmsing at the same time.

That is very true. Girls are better. Don't let anyone tell you they can change who you are.

I gotta agree with you

Next time you hear that, ask them to imagine a guy telling him that to understand how wrong it is.

no doubt girls are better

I agree with you 100%