I'm bisexual. It's not a choice and it's not because of the media or whatever. Lol I'm just finally getting this out there because I just want to show more of who I am here since I don't have much posted about what I'm like if that makes sense. And I guess I also want to let it out since I'm not out irl. So if you're homophobic, block me. And if you're someone who "supports lesbians, but not gay men" also block me.
(my favorite lesbian YouTube couples in the pic in case you didn't know🙃)
ok thanks that is all :)
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So have you slept with both? Which do you enjoy more? Or do you feel that you are still finding yourself?

I get you but what I don't get it is people who are 30 years old and then say they realized they are bi. To me that is bullshit. How the **** can you go 30 years of your life and not know you were attracted to the same gender too? I can get why they may not have come out about it but I don't get how they could not have realized it.

Yeah, maybe they just sort of pushed it out of their head and didn't want to think about it. I'm not sure

Yeah that makes sense

*cough* media *cough* *cough*

I know I used pics from the media aka YouTube haha but I was still *cough bi before that *cough *cough I was just able to be more accepting of myself because of what they said

I get tired of people saying 'oh so you choose to be bi/gay..' when it's simply that's the way that person is!!!

It's very annoying

Not only annoying but also insulting.

Open to your sharing if you need. I'm a successful, professional woman who understands and is here if you want to chat. You are not unique however you are extraordinary! Please contact me if you need....

Okay, and thank you :)

Post it on facebook so i know its real

I don't use Facebook anymore lol and if I went back on it, all my friends and family would see it which isn't really what I want rn lol

lol say no more

Good for you, isn't wonderful when you are true to yourself I wish I could have at your age, wishing you all the best

Thank you !

If that's you in your profile pic than I'd like to say you're cute

Thanks !

you're welcome

How do you not have jelly and day on there or whatever tf their names are

TRUE you're right idk how I missed them. I also missed Rose and Rosie oops. But I haven't watched jelly and day recently so I guess that's how I missed them

Idek anyone I only know them cuz I used to see them on YouNow a lot and they do YouTube too but I don't watch them lol

Ohh lolol okay 😂

I find it funny how people support lesbians and not gays

Haha same I guess because lesbians turn them on while on the other hand, they're not attracted to gay men

Stop your judgement. We all need to know we are valued. Your words are hurtful.

That's good, seems like you're an accepting and non-judgmental person :)

It's just not perceived as normal apparently, but I don't think anyone is normal

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