I see everyone, friends and family dating getting all cuddly like together on new years eve. Kissing after the big countdown and I just think to myself how nice it would be to have someone, a girl. The girl of my life, my dreams to be physically there next to me, smiling. I just hate myself for not having enough courage and confidence to go up to a girl and say I like her. What's worse is that I can't tell If she's gay, even if she was straight, it kills me. On top of that she has a boyfriend. There were times in my life where I just gave up on love. Thinking there really isn't anyone out there for me. Honestly, I'm not that good looking and I don't have a sunny personality. But then again this feeling always comes back, wanting to be loved and to love her. That couple like feeling. But I can never get to that point. It's hard, to not being able to come out due to homophobic people you live with. Surrounded by friends who come to you for love and relationship issues. My life now consists of fantasizing about the girl who will step into my life and sweep me off my feet and say I love you.
PotatoStarch99 PotatoStarch99
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 24, 2016

I hope youll find your princess charming