i have a crush on this girl who lives in my building. but i don't like girls to the point of having sex lol.. when it comes to other girls, i just like to cuddle and kiss.. just little things. anyways, because of past experiences with just friends, i'm afraid of meeting new people/making new friends. but this girl is so cute and she probably isn't even gay.. but i have my ways of changing people. i really just want her to come to me. then i know this is meant to be. we talked once when she asked me where a classroom was (which was my class😉). anyways, what do i do?
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Go talk to her. 😊

Awww same :( I know this is cheesy but pop a note in her bag lol

Similar for me when
And there was another boy I really really liked.
And I wanted to be more than just friends.
So we did.