*a pretty girl walks by*
me, secretly thinking: PLEASE BE GAY!

pretty much every day lmao
but who am i kidding
im too awkward in front of ppl
let alone pretty girls lol fml
possiblyali possiblyali
18-21, F
6 Responses Apr 19, 2016

Lol same

Message me

lol..we are on the same boat

Sound like me, except I'm thinking...please be trans-amorous! I think you have a better shot, tbh. ;)

Oh "Ali"...the other girl may be just as nervous and wanting to meet you as you are and you do.

I'd love to meet you/talk with you. I'm making the first move, girl.

you are lucky. being lebian is cool now a days, if you were a gay guy its a whole other story. lucky you!