My Pastor taught me how to listen. I used to have a great desire to counsel others, in fact it is what I hope to do as a career one day, but I didn't start out too well. My Pastor would listen to me counsel peers at church and have to remind me that I had to really listen before I could help. In other words, "shut up" and let them talk. And when they had trouble expressing themselves, to ask probing questions to keep it going. And only then after their problem or concern seems clear and expressed to their satisfaction would I offer advice. I had to stop trying to fix everyone, that wasn't my job. Especially with girls I find, its more important to listen and ask questions than it is to give advice. Often while they are talking they can find the answer on their own. It took me awhile to get out of my own way, but I think I am a much better listener now as a result.
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Aug 16, 2014