i always like to listen other people and i am sure i am good listener. i listen them without judging them.
berealistic81 berealistic81
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

How can u listen here when ur actually typing ..HOW DEEP DOES THIS LIE GO

i dont talk about this website and listening is not mean only listen like your ears :) you are a kid and you dont know what is life :))

First of all , i was just joking . Second ...u said u can listen to people ...with ur typing in this case for all they gotta say ...and here u are judging me and saying i am a kid and i dont know life . And guess what i don't mind ...judge me , but don't forget to be perfect all ur life . And next time don't make it sound like u adults are perfect ...no one is perfect and when adults ...all of em ...make mistakes ...they stand in front of age as only a number but when it comes to kids they use age as a wall to show how great and powerful they wanna seem ...