Hi I'm redman and I'm a GOOF....

Look in my circle and you will find more.........

redman redman
46-50, M
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Ok then ... A blue cape it is ! :)


Maybe ... who is asking the tailless eagle type figure or it"s furry cousin ?

didnt the wolf eat the little girl in red.....

We are rubber ... You are glue .... whatever you say bounces off us and sticks to you ! Silly eagle in wolves fur!


is it your head shakin' or my backside?

shakes head and just lookssssssss

ha oh yeah<br />
well tonight i'm a drunk goofy dork... well maybe not drunk but not feeling much either<br />
<br />
nanny nanny boo boo you can't catch me <br />
<br />

Oh yes you do MSP you are like one of the others a goofy dork.. LOL

I've just visiting here 'cause I sure don't fit in this group thing... <br />
<br />
( @ ) ( @ )

Yeah readhead you are a goof... you fit well with the others....

Hey who you calling goof mister

d2l You are still a goof LOL<br />
<br />
grams if you cant have fun in life then it will be no fun...<br />
<br />
emerald ok your a goof also so I guess that makes you a goofy dork... LOL

*sad face* I can't join in here. I'm not a Goof...<br />
... I'm a DORK! :P

Goof is good at times, life is taken to seriously sometimes, we need to be a little goofy.. and you my friend are one of the GOOD goofs.... Hugs

So you callin' me a goof too? I was a goonie first.... LOL

LOL ....Well I'm just and Old Goof...

Only if the shoe fits.... LOL

you calling me a goof?

where ......<br />
I dont see it