Secondary School Was My Calling

My Name is Ignis Bela Lugosi and i am an art teacher for a secondary school in the UK. Teaching was my calling from an early age but i knew what i wanted my subject to be when i was awakened by my Art back when i was in High School. I was afraid of how i would be looked at for my style and appearance and the fact that i had changed my name to something that sound completely off the wall. I tried getting used to the fact of younger ones calling me my Miss took awhile...In my student teaching about 3 different times did I almost tell them to call me Ignis...ha! It took many a times getting used to the fact that maybe people wouldn't hire someone like me to teach teens? But alas i did use this to my advantage. I finally did get accepted as an art teacher. Apparently art teacher can be a little off the wall :).
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22-25, F
May 19, 2012