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I Am A Guy And Love To Wear Long Sleeved Leotards

Yes, I like to wear leotards.
I prefer the longsleeved ones.
Cause longsleeved leotards are not usual for guys, I easily take the women-ones.
The women leotards fits me very good and so it´s no problem to wear them.
Maybe you have seen my profile.
So you see that I am wearing those leotards for a couple of sports.
They are practically and comfy.
So, why a man shouldn´t wear leotards?
Moddl Moddl 61-65, M 6 Responses Sep 27, 2013

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I wear a long sleeve,crew neck leotard with a long back zipper over warm tights that have back seams of many colors. They fit me very nicely I'm almost 50, in good health and keep in shape. I wear orange and black ones on Halloween and during the winter months as underwear. they keep me very warm. I love the soft and snug feel of them. I don't think of them as woman''s wear, but i'm sure women get the same sexy feeling as a guy. My lady friends like how great I look in my leotard and tights too, especially my lady doctor and the nurses me, wearing them. when I go for my annual physical. Enjoy wearing leotards!

Yes, your lady friends are right!
A leotard fits to men as well as for women and it is a good thing to wear leotards as underwear too.
If good fitting (my "lady leotards" fits me perfect!) a leotard is a comfy and good looking wear for men and women.
But not only as underwear, but for a couple of sporty activities too.
So for exemple that morning I was running in a leotard for about 10 kilometers and nobody does care.

Good for you. You are very lucky having women in your life who like to see you in leotard and tights; I wish I did

Yes, they are great for fitness. There is a guy on ebay that sells mens and womens leotards his name is MrGoodGuy and has some great pieces available at reasonable prices.

I remember seeing the girls in ballet class when I was in about 4th grade. I wanted to be part of the class so bad. Not because I wanted to dance, but I wanted to be in there in a leotard, tights and panties. I still love them. My favorite would be a shiny tights with a shiny thong leotard, but a pale pink fullback leo with pink tights is adorable too.

I love to wear women's girly leotards. Love to show off my butt cheeks.

hi modd i only wear womans leotards and one piece swim suits as well they are more cumfy then the mens and uni sex, i have about 16 leotards and about 10 swim suits im also getting into teddys and tights ive been wearing them since 1985 when they made the high cut ones they were the best .

Hi Wyliant,
yes, you are right:
The woman leotards fits better for guys too!
And I think they looks better.
So I am wearing only "female" leotards saying like you that they are unisex.
Seems that you have a lot of one pieces!
Me too.
I don´t know how much.
But I don´t collect my leotards and/or swimsuits.
It´s like the ladies use too:
First you enjoys to get them, than its only a wear and at last, if they are old or worn off they are thrown away ore ripped for a last use as cloth (my wife loves the smooth leotard-fabric for whiping and polishing).
The 80th has been a good time for leotards.
For aerobic they was offered in all stores and if you was lucky you could get them very cheap.

Hi Moddl its good to see some new responses on more guys wearing leotards i think the tide will turn i still like the womens style the best i hope your workouts are going ok also ive found a good store to buy leotards on ebay if anybody is interested leotards are a Hot item today it seem,s ive lost 2 bids last week on ebay i think a little of the 80s may return

yes, on ebay there are some good sites to get leotards.
I like to buy there, cause most of the leotards offered there are not so expensive and good.
I hope you are lucky too with your bids there.
I think like you: The woman-stile is the best.
For men too!
I am not shure that the "leotard-tide" will come for guys, but it is not so importend for me if it will get a trend or not.
Enough that I know that leotard are a good for men and women and that I can wear it in public too without getting problems.

Don't you miss the plethora of aerobic leotards they used to have?

Yes, I d like that color- and beautyful aerobic leotards

2 More Responses a guy that likes to wear leotard s. I wear the black ones to ballet class.

Are the leotards not uncomfortable around the male groin? But they are very nice to look at.

Generally no.
Shure, there are several sizes and cuts that doesn´t correspond with the male anatomy but most leotards are wide enough down there and so - if not too tight - leotards are good fitting to males too.
And that way "female" leotards are very comfy for men too.
I love to wear them for sports - after having written that answer, I shall run in my leotard for some miles - and for "all day" too.
Try it and you will see.

Carita House have a lovely selection of female s Lycra keep fit long or short sleeve leotards. I know,I have some I wear for nightwear. black/white v neck, just feel divine mmmmm, I love the feel of them.

Hi Kniggershagger,
yes, there are some verry nice leotards...
I love to wear leotards too as sleepwear but I use leotards for sports and as "all day underwear" too.
Leotards are the most comfy and beautiful (depends from colors and design) garment.
So I wonder why not more people are wearing leotards...

Hi Moddi, its so nice to know someone else loves to wear females leotards, I am wearing my black/white v neck leotard as I write. It feels sooo nice!!

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