I Had Difficult Times In My Life That Totally Changed My Way of Being

My parents divorced in 2002, when I was 17 and my younger brother 14. Even though divorce is a difficult process to the children and the couple, the toughest part were the years before the divorce (well, problems started when my brother was born...). Fighting, shouting, deceiving, crying, disrespecting each other were my everyday meal. The problem was that my dad was sleeping with other ladies and treating my mother as his servant. She got depressed and for months she couldn't leave the bed. I was 16 that time and I learned to cook alone, going to her room everytime I needed an explanation.

Few time after that, my mother's father got cancer and died in 2002 two weeks before my parents' divorced, 13 days before his birthday, the same week my dog died of leukemia. Oh, and I forgot to tell ya: all this time I felt left to myself, forced to grow up in a short time, and I had nervous anorexia. That same time, my brother was diagnosed a mild form of schyzophrenia. My mother was devastated with all this trouble.

But having this many problems made us turn our eyes to God, an entity that never had existed before in my life. Me and my mom did a Reiki course (i'm a Master of Reiki) and since then, I've learned so much about spirituality and gained so much strengh and optimism. We also had a great help from a friend of ours who is a witch, the first person who showed me the path of mediunity.

Things now are realing fine, but I think I'm an extra-happy person because I value the small things in life, that many people take for granted, like love and harmony with every other. I'm also extra-careful, sweet and respectful to my boyfriend because I don't want to make the same mistakes my parents did (i assured as well that I would only compromise with someone who actually loves and respects me as I am).

Hope you like my story! Be fine everyone!(i have to go out - sorry i can't finish this better)

Aoine Aoine
22-25, F
1 Response May 25, 2007

im 16...my parents are about to divorce.....the doc said my younger bro has TB and i have anorexia and insomnia....my father pays my mother no money..she works two jobs and i work too...the reason shes leaving him is firstly...he is sleeping with our servant and secondly.....he doesnt finance us. Unlike you i couldnt get to reiki or God for some reason....i am always too occupied with my thoughts about the future AND present.....help me get through this...how were things after the divorce?