Saddled Dakota this morning. At first he didnt want to go but I talked to him and told him my plans... after an agreeing nod we walked out to the roadside where I mounted and we were off. I dont use a bit when I ride even though sometimes I think I should. Lol. Dakota likes to eat and thats ok as long as its when I want him to. Our rides consist of the dirt roads and the open fields around here. Today was enjoyable. After about an hour of riding, I came across a grassy knol where I laid down in the grass and just relaxed for about 15 minutes as Dakota grazed beside me. The dog that was with us laid beside me and with my hat over my face, I almost fell asleep. The grass was as soft as a bed and the sun was just warm enough as a slight breeze blew by ever so often. Finally Dakota nuzzled me as if to saw its time to go. It took about another hour to get back home where I removed the saddle and brushed him down, gave him some sweet feed and returned him to his pasture. Nice relaxing morning.
Traceavery Traceavery
66-70, M
Dec 9, 2012