mmmm.... I looked at the loaded 7-11 Big Bite Hot Dog, and as I closed my mouth over it, I thought of you.
for two reasons... one being that you like yours loaded too....
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
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There's no way I could respond to this without getting into a whole heap of trouble....

mmmmmmmmm laughing.....and thinking of devouring you...

laughing.....mmm mmm good


And the second reason is... cos it's a foot long and you know i like it messy!

LOL... nice one.. *grins*


Oh my !! Sounds delicious !!

I've got something loaded for you. And I am way more naughty than nice.

Add me so we can chat.

lol.. sounds a bit threatening there, BB.... back it off a notch, alrighty? I happen to like nice.... *grins*

I'm not trying to be threatening. Just wanted to talk.

You are correct.

haha it must have tasted ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

more.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... especially with the chili and sauerkraut. ;P

better be careful whn u r hving it ur tongue dont come out to lick the rest of the sausage stuck on the faces and hands ;)