I can't wait to get home from work and get out of my work clothes. I take a shower and shave all my body hair. I then get out and lotion all my body. Then I pick out panties and bra to wear. Sometimes I have to pick different ones once I decide what i am going to wear. Here lately I have been wearing short shorts and tight fitting girl tees. I do my makeup and hair and then go out and eat and take care of errands. I love being a girl just wished i had a job where i would be accepted dressed as one.
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hugs do the same 44 yr old transvestite got to be easier way to keep shaving....got to keep legs chest shaving once ah week..lol

...Unless, you want to scream your head off with waxing. I wonder if NO-NO works well.

I wish I could be in a dress every single day. Unfortunately it would not go over well with the family.

I know how you feel. It's a delicate balance.

How are you doing Kimmy?'

I don't have that patience. Once in a while works for me.

I too love wearing skirts and dresses, and as I am out of work at the moment I spend most of the day when I am at home dressed in a skirt or dress along with a bra and panties and a pair of tights/pantyhose, when I was working I could not wait to get finish work and get home and put on some of my nice female clothes

Lovely try and get a job in a lingerie shop.

I have thought about trying to work at Victoria Secret.

Ideal you would be able to wear a dress, stockings and exquisite silk lingerie.Go for it.

plus get employee discount

That may not work but what I did once was get involved in the home lingerie party sales business. I never went as far has having a party but I met a lot of nice girls who were into home lingerie sales. I probably was the only one who kept buying out my entire stock. lol.

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Sounds nice hun