Hahahahahahaha my job is the doctor or something so I assume everyones okay, I don't get it, nd STILL I cannot make another Unbroken Pack membership thingy I want to but yeah I guess I will have to use a fake email OH YES:D Awesome I have another awesome way:DDDDDDDDDDDD AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D So yeah, I can give advice I guess, maybe thats what I do, give advice to people.. I don't care. I want something to do here, Not scouting for lone wolves, we should be more exclusive? ..maybe..

I don't know, I want to be alpha male. DAMN.

Oh I sooo predicted that OH YEAH. Awesome and Akahi willl be the alpha female again, I saw.


I wonder what alphas do.. damn. I don't get this, My old pack had this mean ***** that made fun of me and that was so something else.

I think the whole pack broke up maybe only two members now, I don't know:D

Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Sep 11, 2012