The Pack Story (chapter 2)

Dark wolves Tried there haredst to Take down Lenmar but he just crushed the wolf.... Timberwolfforver Jumped on the Darkwolf and Slaughtered it.... Akahi Tackeld one to death until More came The Darkmoon pack then started fighting... Suddenly The Alpha Male jumped on lenmar It was a mighty brawl both had the same strenght... until Akahi got worried about lenmar so she jumped on the wolf then in the blink of an eye the darkwolf Slit Akahis throught with his claw... The Alpha male of the Dark wolves ran off afraid of what the too packs would do... Lenmar ran to my aid nudging Akahi but he knew she was dead Solowly Lenmar brang Akahi to the Den Tamaska was the saddes because we were blood sisters and she just wish she could help her... The Pack Digged a whole and Layed Akahis body in it then they burried her... they howled and Akahis wolf came down from the sky she stood on her grave and said goodbye to her pack then she vanished and then after she vanished a special wolf apperd from no were it was.....

To be continued
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Sep 12, 2012