The who pack ignored me.

You didnt bother to ask whats ******* wrong I had to ask you to

I told you wahts wrong and I doubt that anything will ******* hage was hppy for a little buig but now its not right maybe I should leave..

I won't though because I'm loyal to friends, I know you don't mean it. Still don't ******* like being ignored though, I thought we were all supposed to be supportive or something??? Well its not that. You were mean to me and tried to ban me when I was lashing out and thats just ****** up I don't like that but yeah the past is that the past and being loyal sucks sometimes I guess.

I'm tired.. did you notice the spelling changed? I did, weird right?? Yeah it is.. weird as ****. Oh and I'm stiull upset.

I curse when I'm upset and when I'm really upset I try to be mean or something and if I'm upset and trying to be mean to random people and you fight me you're not ******* helping your just making me feel bad and more angry and upset.

Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Sep 14, 2012