Why I Left

Shadowscar Lenmar and I well we kept on fighting and arguing.. And then Lenmar posted a story being torn my 2 wolves or something And I had to fight Shadowscar... Im not fighting someone for anyone im my own wolf.. honestly I wish to forget this whole Experience And just move foward ever scince i got booted from alpha female both Alphas posted stuff To make me be hated (i think 1 of them didn't want mean comments) But now im my own Leader... I Had to stop the confilct between Lenmar shadow and i till it got to the pack... and i didn't want the pack to be upset so i took a massive leap and left....
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

Fine then we will miss you im sorry you left. But for the rekord I dont hate you and I was just getting over this. But very well do what you have to.

I didnt wanna fight either way.