if anyone wants to be a gurdain for the unbroken pack please comment why you think you should be one. :)
darkwarrior darkwarrior
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I would :) Oh well that is if I can be.

I think anyone should be able to be a guardian but they have to give a good reason why they should be one.

Why? Because i wanna defend my pack the best way I can. And being a guardian you might get special and better training.

ok your a guardian

Yey :D

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What is a guardian?

A guardian is someone who will protect the pack no matter what. someone who is trained to fight who ever or what ever threatens the pack.

O I think ill be better suited to something less aggresive. How about cheif squirrel hunter? Is that position open?

Ahh cute :P Your still young so pup? We dont wanna give you a to dangerous rank.

Ya I realy just wanted to find out what a guardian was.

its okay. knowledge is one thing I never hold back unless I feel it is better to keep myself or if I am told to tell the info by lenmar ir shadowscar

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