She was a wonderful friend. She was a brave warrior. One of the best wolves I've ever known. It still pains me to know she's not there......but she's in a better place. If I find her killer,I will personally rip him/her limb from limb! I will miss her. I will never forget her. In honor of her,I will get to know every member of this pack,make sure you guys are okay,I don't want to lose another loved one. Tamaska shall live on in our hearts! *HHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWW* And I mean the Tamaska from THIS pack. Not any other. Get that through your head! Tamaska from THIS pack!
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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what if i knew some info about tamaska's incident that she appearently survived pm me for more info

Whaaaaaaaaaaat! Oh I will,trust me I will.

Goldpaw, Its Tamaskawolf thats dead, she was in a car crash, no one killed her.
But there are alot of tamaskas here so some might think they are dead. Wich there not, its TamaskaWolf of this pack thats dead.

Yes,I know Sasha. And this was in her honor.

Shut up! She's from THIS pack! If you aren't from THIS pack with TAMASKA in it,you should just leave!


Are you from this pack! No! So leave us alone! I've been grieving for a lost friend,who I've wrote about. She died.

This is the story of her.

Tyler leave, Ignore him goldpaw, hes just trying to get under your skin. *hugs goldpaw*

I know. I'm trying to. *Hugs you back*

Good :)

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This is some bullshit. She did not die and whoever started this is going to be ******* dead. Seriously. Don't spread **** when you don't know anything.

Errm. She didn't die...