Im New In This Pack

thinking that probably you wonder "who i am and why i am here",i decided to write this post.i am Mecassa boyfriend and my name is Drago.even if i am new into this pack,i have had a very long experience with therians and shifting(i think there are almost 3 years since i discovered my wolf spirit),so i wouldnt want to be considered a newbie.about the reason of me joining this pack,its very and mecassa wanted to be in the same pack.
i considered this short post is enough for now,and till we will see again,good luck to everyone.
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

Okay could you please pm me. Im glad you wanna join but some things we have to talk about of the pack and so.

btw shadowscar,i cant message says that this member doesnt allow messages from the underaged persons.

I will pm you.

it seems i cant message you in any way.but still,go on and ask me.(btw,if you want to be private,then give me an email or something,so i can contact you)

I did pm you, it did send.

Yes,you can pm me,but i says your account doesnt accept messages from people younger than you

Well you can reply to my pm, you should be able to.

im really sorry,but i cant pm or reply to any of your pms

i found the problem.its something with your doesnt let users that are younger than you,to pm you or to reply to should go and change the option from your settings

Okay I will fix it, lol this is akward hehe

there tweked a bit is it working now?

no,still not working.there are 2 forgot to save the settings or didnt add me to your circle

There I added u now.

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