The Pack

the old alpha female leaving was a suprise to all of us. but this will not affect the pack we are strong together not apart. yes the leader ship has changed but this is not a time to disrupt the pack. trust in the alphas and the pack will remain strong. if u ever want to talk or ask a question please contact me
AlphaWolfGang AlphaWolfGang
13-15, M
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Hello there I know its been about a year...but I am looking for a strong, honest, fun pack 100% wolf at heart....I don't believe I have turned but I think I did once....I can bring fun within the pack

I would like to ask you if I could join your pack? I'm a wolf at heart and I'm not a role player. I would put 100% into the pack and ill respect all answers! Thank you.

What would u bring to the pack? what are u good at?

I'm a good hunter! Very good at that! ^.^

we could use a good hunter. but what else are u good at

I've had complements on my fighting skills ! :)

ok ya i think u would be a great pack member

Really? :D

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