Newest Ranks Of The Unbroken Pack

Ranks are chosen upon how often the member is online and how much they contribute to the group, not on their friendship level. Any personal feelings are looked aside when a rank is decided. The ranks are chosen by how much they contribute to the group, and there skills in leadership and other qualities.

Alpha Male - Alphawolfgang
Alpha Female - Akahiwolf

Beta Male -FreeWolf1
Beta Female - Howlingwolf98

Gamma Male - Werewolf2
Gamma Female - Lupus13

Delta Male -Lonewolf159
Delta Female - ReikaHybrid

Epsilon Male - Freakylishis
Epsilon Female -MoonWolves

Zeta Male -
Zeta Female - Alphabloodwolf

Eta Male - Wolf0278
Eta Female - Kayla wolf

(Lead Medics)
Theta Male - Shadowwolf Demon Alpha (from facebook)
Theta Female - littlewolf1

Iota Male -
Iota Female -Lavrii

(Lead Hunter)
Kappa Male - Wolfprotector
Kappa Female -

Lambda Male -
Lambda Female -Kathrin Keidram

Mid Rankings

Mu Male -
Mu Female - Alicebeney

Nu Male -
Nu Female -

Omicron Male -
Omicron Female -

Pi Male -
Pi Female -

Rho Male -
Rho Female -

Sigma Male -
Sigma Female -

Tau Male -
Tau Female -

Upsilon Male -
Upsilon Female -

Omega Male -
Omega Female -

Unsorted -

Pack pups -

Unbroken Pack Trainer - Meccasa.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Not sure but I think tali/howlingwolf98 left. Talk to her.