Unbroken Pack Ranks 11-1-13

Ranks are chosen upon how often the member is online and how much they contribute to the group, not on their friendship level. Any personal feelings are looked aside when a rank is decided. The ranks are chosen by how much they contribute to the group, and there skills in leadership and other qualities.

Alpha Male - Alphawolfgang
Alpha Female - Akahiwolf

Beta Male -FreeWolf1
Beta Female - Meccasa

Gamma Male - Werewolf2
Gamma Female - Lupus13

Delta Male -Lonewolf159
Delta Female - ReikaHybrid

Epsilon Male -Freakylishis
Epsilon Female -MoonWolves

Zeta Male -
Zeta Female -

Eta Male - Wolf0278
Eta Female - Kayla wolf

(Lead Medics)
Theta Male -
Theta Female - littlewolf1

Iota Male -
Iota Female -Lavrii

(Lead Hunter)
Kappa Male - Wolfprotector
Kappa Female -

Lambda Male -
Lambda Female -Kathrin Keidram

Mid Rankings

Mu Male -
Mu Female - Alicebeney

Nu Male -
Nu Female -

Omicron Male -
Omicron Female -

Pi Male -
Pi Female -

Rho Male -
Rho Female -

Sigma Male -
Sigma Female -

Tau Male -
Tau Female -

Upsilon Male -
Upsilon Female -

Omega Male -
Omega Female -

Unsorted -

Pack pups -

Unbroken Pack Trainer - Meccasa.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Hi akahi, I would greatly thank you if you accepted me in your pack, I'm not role playing I'm 100% real and looking for a pack. Please just let me know with further questions or concerns.

Yes I would love too have you in the pack, your rank will be decided soon

Okay thank you! :)


Well is it official, I'm part of the pack?


Okay! :)

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