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k,so lately ive hear a looot about crystal children and their powers,and ive also heard that there are some kind of crystals that can awaken people,or make them shift quicklier.i wanted to ask all of you if you know what crystals can make you shift easier?
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another good crystal is Azurite

Azurite is related to malachite, and is distinguished by its lower water content. Azurite can create a strong opening of the crown and third eye chakras, facilitating and speeding up spiritual and psychic development, as well as opening the bindu visarga , aiding attunement and communication with our guides. It can help achieve deep meditative state and is useful in astral travel. and is a bit easier to get ahold of than atacamite.

I agree with with Akahi,wolfprotecter,I have never heard of such a thing. If it's true and real,it would be amazingly helpful.

actually it is true.it is called atacamite(though its pretty rare)

*jaw drops open* say what!?!? Wow. O,o. I could use that!

Yeah,yesterday I did some research. Along with helping you shift,opening your third eye,and letting you have premonitions,it's a very beautiful crystal. What is your third eye? I've read of it being named after the Acata something desert.

Oh. In that case,my third eye is already opened some. You see,I have dreams and visions of the future. Although they're not always right that's why I want some of that crystal to open my third eye to fullest extent so that I know 100% my dreams and visions are accurate. I also would like to have the crystal so I can shift better. But I'm not going all the way to a desert to get it! I know. It's hard to know of something you need is right there(metaphorically speaking) and you can't reach it no matter how hard you try.

Same with me. But sometimes if I have a dream or a vision of something BIG it won't happen for many,many Moons. I know right!


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Hmm i don't know, this is something you may want too study about because you are not sure if it would work so study in it a bit more