there are a few facts that need to be known before I start this story:
*I am in Cosmetology school and will be done on August 17th, so I am very ready to get the hell out of there.
*Jason, my boyfriend has been to Afghanistan 4 or 5 times.(i cant remember now :/)
*My best friends husband is over there now.

I was handed a ticket at 11am yesterdat morning for this sweet old lady, she wanted a facial, her hair done, a pedi and a mani. I did the facial, did the hair, did the pedi and was finishing up with the manicure when this girl who is talking SO LOUDLY behind me starts talking to her client about the war. first thing i did was say to myself, 'breathe...'

I didn't say a word, I focused on my manicure, I was almost done then I could get the h ell away from this girl, then she starts saying STUPID things like "I mean every soldier that I've ever seen has been over weight. they aren't even in shape anymore!".......not true.
"they're all a ss holes anyway!"...not true. "I think this war is pointless, **** it, **** bush and **** the troops." I had had enough by this point. I was freaking out in my head, i was shaking. but i dont like confrontation, or mean words so I just turned around and said "hey, can you let off for about 5 minutes please? I'll be done here and then you can finish up with that conversation. please"

she got this look in her eye and said ''listen white girl I'll slap you, shut the hell up.''

i lost it at this point.

"listen Kendra, I am not trying to upset you, I really am not. My boyfriend is about to deploy again, my best friend who is pregnant has her husband overseas, just please stop. It's hard enough as it is having them away fighting for something they believe in already without having you wish bad things upon them."

then she says. "**** you and your boyfriend." -but anyway it just got more intense the longer it went on so I just walked away from it. it just infuriates me


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At least you were able to get out some built up anger lol

:)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love you katie:):):)

hi momma.<br />
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we've already had this discussion, but it still makes me so mad that there are people out there that do this. i'm about sick of people that have no respect for the military, and i don't know why they feel the need to voice their lame *** opinion to the world. love you el, i'm so excited you'll be done with school so soon! and i like your hair urnge. :)

wow...I'm so sorry this happened to you. Some people really don't have a cllue.