Because Jail And The Marines Are The Exact Same Thing.

I work at Dairy Queen part time, and one of the girls I work with has a boyfriend who's in jail. He was selling drugs or doing drugs or something, but she claims she knows what I'm going through.
1. Her boyfriend is being punished by the government for committing a crime; my boyfriend is serving our country.
2. She gets phone calls and visits. I'm lucky if I get more than two letters a week.
3. Her boyfriend has the opportunity to get out early.
4. I don't slack off my duties at work to sit in the back and chat on the phone. And I definitely don't complain when I only get to talk to him for fifteen minutes a day (or, I guess I wouldn't complain if I ever actually GOT a phone call.)
So no, I don't think we're going through the same thing at all.
And I almost punched her.
But the fact that the ice cream machine exploded on her helped a little.
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Defiantely NOT the same! Her boyfriend is there for his actions. Your boyfriend is doing a Brave thing. Glad that thing exploded on her btw. :)

I could see how you would want to punch her. But I say just ignore it. Lol. The ice cream machine clearly got her back for you. :D

Hang in there. No punching, or you might see her man before you see yours!! :-)