This Is For You :) Military Woman

This really made me smile and I felt I could get through anything!

For all of you who wake up in the morning, lay there for a few moments, trying to swallow the sick feeling
in the pit of your stomach as you wonder where your soldier is, or how he's doing...this is for you.
For all of you who start a countdown the minute he leaves, and continue to until he is back in your arms again...this is for you.
For all of you who tear up everytime "Far Away" comes on the radio, or who press
repeat when "Come Home Soon" plays in their car...this one's for you.
I am one of you too. This is for us.
For all the times we sleep with our phones on the loudest possible volume, just as to not miss
the call that just MIGHT come...
For all the times we hear our soldier's name mentioned out loud, and are momentarily a love.
For all the late nights that we spend alone, cuddling with our stuffed animals,
wearing our soldiers military sweatshirts and sweatpants, and clutching the precious dog tags around our necks...
This one's for us.
We may feel weak on the inside, but on the outside we're strong.
We may be drowning in tears on the inside, but on the outside, we are a rock.
We may want to crawl in bed and sleep until our man comes home, but instead,
we get up and go on with our daily lives with our men in our hearts.
We may feel like we're slowly dying with each day we spend apart from our men, but instead,
we put one foot infront of the other, and take each day as it comes.
We are strong, and we are proud.
We have more love in our hearts than we ever thought possible, and for this, we are thankful.
We are thankful for our men and also for each other. We are military woman, and we lean on each other.
Alone we are weak, but together, we are strong. We help each other, and we survive.
To all you military woman out there, hold your head up and be proud.
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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

It gave me chills too! Very true<3:)

This gave me chills girl! :D So true.