Go Ahead, Call Me A B Itch

Aggrivated, I'm aggrivated.
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for everyone I am about to offend.

HERE YA GO KIDS! Your boyfriend is in boot, GET-OVER-IT and quit complaining. I am so tired of reading how these ladies think their life is ending and they "cant handle it" because their men are in a completely safe area, within the united states, training.
oh my god.
thats your issue?
If you cant "handle" 4 months of boot camp then you arent cut out to be a Marine's wife or girlfriend or anything in between for that matter.
What the hell are you goign to do when he deploys!?
What are you going to do with yourself if he's over seas in real, scarey, dangerous situations!?

Also, LIVE YOUR LIFE. thats the best advice for all of you. Live your life like he's just a phone call away, go to work, hang out with your friends, write him letters, stay faithful and PRODUCTIVE. if you sit on your *** all day and mope around, do you think your man would be proud of that?

A marine NEEDS a woman in his life who can hang, who is strong, who is faithful, kind, supportive and most of all loving.
That is the definition of a US Marine Corps girlfriend, wife or fiancee.
Now ladies, do you have what it takes?
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You can always tell how miserable someone is by how they treat others, Get over yourself, bootcampIs the FIRST time all these women are away from their man that's why it's so hard, not because they can't handle what's a head. It takes some getting used to.

"Get over yourself" <<<< the exact same thing that went through my mind

You say all of these things but for most women who are complaining about their men being gone it is their first time being apart. It's hard. <br />
I've dated military before (long distance relationship, didn't feel much different than usual) so it didn't bother me at all while he was gone. <br />
This time, with my fiance...it's very difficult.. I haven't spent a single night away from him since we first started dating. It's a relief to know he's safe in boot camp but that doesn't change the fact that I can't hear his voice or hold him in my arms like I used to. 13 weeks isn't that long when it comes to your Marine being gone but when you aren't used to it, it feels like forever. Have some compassion, not everyone is a tough b*tch who can preoccupy herself with "girls nights" and boozing.

AMEN! everything i've ever wanted to say lol

I know what you mean bootcamp is hard. But to be honest bootcamp is a lot harder then deployment at least u get to talk sometimes. It is more terracing then bootcamp though.

I know what you mean bootcamp is hard. But to be honest bootcamp is a lot harder then deployment at least u get to talk sometimes. It is more terracing then bootcamp though.

THANK GOD MILITARY SO'S LIKE YOU EXIST. Jeez, your rant was such a breath of fresh air.

I love this! Yes I'm a Army girlfriend, but I did my share still. I did my share in the very beginning and saw how pathetic I was. I went to beauty school and graduated =] now I work full time. My boyfriend leaves for deployment in February for Iraq/Kuwait, and I plan on getting another job because when he comes home we're getting a home =]] So in the end, you're so right!

hahahahaha SOMEONE HAD TO SAY IT. Oh my I was scrolling through the comments and you see girls going oh gosh it's so hard to be apart from my man while he's in training.. sweetheart he is safee you're absolutely screwed for deployment if you're falling apart now.. calm your *** down. missing someone sucks.. it does.. I live across the country from where my boyfriend is stationed and he gets deployed within the next couple months.. I will see my boyfriend a total of 3 and a half weeks within the next year.. Everyone goes through it.. It is hard but you have to stay strong for yourself but mainly for him because you're going through a rough time but he's got it worse..

I agree.. My boyfriends just finishing up training & it wasn't that bad. Yeah, its rough getting used to the distance, and no matter where your man is your going to be depressed once in a while... But the beginning isn't the hardest part. Things are soo much easier when you stay busy. If you're one of those girls who NEEDS a man, you shouldn't be involved with a marine. My plans dont include a family in the next ten years anyway.. love my man but my career comes first, just like his does.

Wow... like everyone else said thankyou lol! I needed that because I was being like that with my man leaving monday! You ladys are very supported:)

thank you so much thats exactly how i feel my husband is deployed and marines need strong confident courageous patient loving woman who have the strenght to keep going and not be depressed the woman who will stand behind him in front of him and support him all the way PROUD MARINE WIFE

For real!<br />
I mean, sure it sucks alot and you have to adjust to it, but what the heck are they gunna do when they are in the middle of a skype call and the alarm goes off for a Code Red because the ba<x>se is getting mortered and he has to run straight into the fire fight??<br />
I'm just saying, it gets alot harder than just boot camp!

My fiance is at boot camp right now and I completely agree with you. I'm not whining every day about it. I'm keeping myself busy, working, and writing him letters. I'm being strong like he would want me to be. I'm actually so thankful I can easily get through this boot camp stuff. It just means I will be strong when I really have to be for him and we will make it through everything.

Thank you! <br />
So many girls needed to hear this. <br />
My marine is at mct right now,<br />
And its not the end of the world. <br />
Its OUR JOB to continue with our lives. <br />
These girls complaining about bootcamp won't know what hit them<br />
Once they're married on ba<x>se alone waiting for their marine to come home from deployment. <br />
If you love someone, you wouldn't give them such a hard time,<br />
By acting like its the end of the world for leaving for a few months.<br />
We need to continues with our lives, stay proud and respectful,<br />
And make sure that when they are home, they only have to worry about what's for dinner. <br />
Girls need to suck it up or get out.

I'm so glad you posted this. That is why I started this group. I'm sorry I have not been around much as we were posted and then my new job and the time difference.. x

i effin love this!!!when my bf first left i was def. complaining a bit and moping around. but then i was like....wow wtf am i doing?! no way he'd be proud of his girl sittin around sad all day not doing a dman thing. so i got off my ***! besides-if you stay busy and productive, you wont have as much time to miss him!if i cant be strong enough when he's not around then i dont even deserve him. but i love him and i gotta be strong. his being at bootcamp has made me soo much stronger and alot more independant-which i definately needed! if you cant handle boot camp, might as well end it now because deployments are going to be wayyyy harder, and then what. you cant be dependant on someone who isn't able to be around all the time, it's not going to work. you have to live your life-with or without him, sure miss him. but LIVE! obviously he's out doing something great with his life, how are you going to just sit there and not live yours because you miss him too much. strength is completely essential for anyone involved with a military person. you cant be weak. you cant just sit there. you cant expect hijm to be there whenever you need him. cuz thats not going to happen. you have to be INDEPENDANT and be able to live your life without your guy around. if you're soo dependent,weak,and needy, get another guy (obviosuly break up with your marine first!).haha. anytime i feel myself getting lazy or upset i remind myself of all of that :) kicks my *** in gear. thanks for postin this girl. its so true and alot of girls here need to hear that :p

Im juuuuust sayyinggg:)

<br />
I'm so glad someone said it...I can not, for the life of me, fathom being SO totally dependent on someone being in my presence that I couldn't handle it...that I felt like my life was endng...that I felt incomplete...<br />
<br />
Sure - be sad. Miss your man...but live your friggin' life! And like you said...if they can't handle boot camp - how the hell are they going to handle Afghanistan? <br />
<br />
The ONE thing that sets me apart from every other woman my Marine has been with before me is the fact that I'm the exact opposite of needy...I don't have to be up his *** 24/7 and I follow my own time line. If I have things to do - I go do them, with or without him. Haha. <br />
<br />
Strength is REQUIRED to be involved with a military person. If you are weak and needy - it'll never work. <br />
<br />
I do my best to be supportive of all you ladies - but sometimes I wanna screammmm...'Suck it up la-la!"

Actually, I think this is what a lot of people (including myself) need to hear. <br />
Yeah, I do more than my share of complaining, and I'm ashamed of it. But we need to vent. That's how we handle things. <br />
Thanks for yelling and shocking me out of my mood:)

Haha! Agreed! Sorry for complaining. His mom has been putting me in depressing moods... @_@ I'll quit! Promise!