His Crazy Ex I Need Advice

I have been dateing my boyfriend for a few months now and before we started dateing he did tell me he had been married before and that his ex was a little crazy. Well I didn't really think nothing of it till today when I found out she has been blackmailing him since a mounth after the divorce was final. She says she has pics of him cheating but come to find out they are not pictures of his face so they could be of anyone having sex! She is telling him that if he don't give her money she is going to go to his chain of command and report adultery! Well I guess my question is, is it even possible for her to do it? And if so what could happen to him? I told him to talk to someone about it but because he is currently over seas there is nobody that can help him with this situation untill he gets home! I really hope someone can help us with this so he isn't so stressed and so he isn't dishing out his money to some money hungery crazy chick! Thank you!!
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Yeah while adultery is illegal in the military, they are faceless pics and shes coming around after the divorce, they are going to look at here like shes crazy. If she did it before the divorce to prove she had a reason that would be different. Shes a crazy b word and you shouldn't worry. I would keep anything; texts, emails, voicemails, proving she is trying to get money out of him too just in case things do blow up.

Thank you for that help!!!!

People have affairs in the MILITARY!??? OMG what a shock!<br />
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This is crap. The Military will do NOTHING ---- the guy is DIVORCED!!! for God sack.<br />
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The guy is pretending to be black mailed. No one will care that a divorced guy's X_WIFE has pictures of him having sex..... No big deal

I had to deal with a crazy ex not to long ago. it got so bad that i had to get the cops involved. if you ever wanna talk just inbox me

Well i found out some interesting stuff today that I was fairly upset with and I. Let him know it to! But I still don't know wheather or not she can do that a friend that's in the military says yes she can but then another friend that's in the military says she can't I wish I knew so I know what to expect in the long run!

im in the military, although I havent deployed yet, I know alot about situations like these. She says she has evidence, but it's a faceless picture. So even if she is telling the truth it won't fly, now he may be put under investigation. but that not going to happen more than likely and in addition to that he's deployed. You have nothing to worry about, she can't do anything, just make sure he stays away from her and make sure she stay's away from you.