A Box With One Of The Best Surprises

Just got home from class and UPS pulls in front of my house with a box. i sign my name and walked into the house i open the box slowly and see a pretty blue little box and a card. I open the card and it says " Baby i love you and the little one growing inside you. I miss you and I am sure you miss me too. Ani we have known each other a little over 9 years. We grew up together. We were there through those hard times with our families. We were there for each other always a phone call away.  Ani you are my heart , my soul, the one that keeps me going. You are my life. You stayed with me through all the training , meetings even thou I know you are not fond of it . I now its been 4 long  weeks for you baby , I will be home soon enough. I have been pushing this off for awhile and couldnt wait anymore . This is not the way I want to do this but when i get home i will do this right" Love Diego
I untie the bow and open the box and i see the most beautiful ring ever with a little paper inside that says Will you marry me ? 

 I couldn't even move and tears are rolling down my face still. But these right now are tears of JOY!!!! i love him.  more than anything . He is my world,my best friend, my heart my everything. I stare at the ring on my finger still cant believe my eyes. I just cant stop smiling. I wish he was here so I could say "YES " I wish he was here so I could hold him . I cant wait for him to be back in my arms and be his wife !!!!!!!!! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!
Dpanessa Dpanessa
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AH that is the cutest story ever, congratulations girl.

awhhh I'm tearing up! good for you guys, that's such a sweet story :) and congratulations!! :)

Wow i would be crying so much! thats the sweetest thing ever!

congrats <3 thats is a wonderfull story it made me tear up n almost cry <3


Aww Congrats!!!! I always love cute engagement stories!!!

A million and one thank yous everybody <33333333

Aw that is so sweet! CONGRATS!!!!

That's so romantic! I'm excited for you. :)

this is soo precious :)

Yayyyy!!!! every girl dreams of that moment! congradulations!! =)

Oh bless - that is just so lovely! Congratulations! I love hearing these stories! x

Oh bless - that is just so lovely! Congratulations! I love hearing these stories! x


thank you : )

omg that is so cute!!! girl I'm so happy for you

thanks girl i am on cloud nine

that is adorable!!!

thank you