Not Only Distance But Also A New Time Zone That Is Killing Me And Keeping Me Far Away From My Loved Marine.

I meet my marine for almost a year ago in a club, it was sprakling atraction between us from the first second I saw him to when my visa and stay in the states expired. And I hade to leave and go back home, home is Sweden in Europe where I grow up where my family and friends are. I came to the states 2011 to study abroad and have internship to get the experice off being in America. I never planned to fall in love or meet a marine. Where I come from military is not a big thing nobody litterarly cares about military people. So it has been a big cross-culture chock for me to be in the states and experice how marines are seen in the states. Me and my marine had a very lovely relationship and every moment I had with him was great. My biggest joy after school or my internship was to see him. We have been throu alot in a short time both good and worst but we managed to overcome all the challenges and get married before I left. The 5/6 is our two months anniversary and I have been gone from him 8 days now. I miss him so badley, I miss seing him, holding him, laughing with him and just the smal things that we value in a love. Its so hard for me to accept the distance, that my timezone is 6 hours ahed american time and his restricted life, limited freedom and limited access to his phone. I think its so hard and I´m about to lose my mind help me god to survive this and adapt this new changes in my life. I hate arguing with him cuz I´m frustreaded and agrivated with the time diffrence and I just think its hard, how do you guys do it? what do you when you feel that its not just enough and you are asking to much? how do you make it work?
qvatima qvatima
May 31, 2012