Making A Relationship Strong

so dating my babe , I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to keep a long distance relationship going strong? would be nice to hear from the women that have been with their military men for a while
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Hey girl! same boat as you two ^^ spent a lot of time away from my man while he's on deployments or at training. {Definitely playing to the "Unleashed" part of this group's slogan right now so keep an open mind!} One thing that seems to keep us going strong is to occassionally send each other dirty text messages or facebook messages about all the intimate things we wish we could do to each other when we're apart. It totally keeps the fire burning with the distance and makes the reunions that much better. Depending on how open you are to pictures {bare with me, I'm not suggesting total nudity unless you're comfortable with that!} but one thing myself and some of my girlfriends have done is have a professional photoshoot with a photographer for your own set of boudoir pictures to send to your partner {for an example, see here:} <br />
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Some less racy ideas that my man also loves are for me to bake and ship his favorite cookies or candy, or facebook message/e-mail him funny videos to brighten his day { and have some great ones!} Best of luck to you!

done a few long distance relationships....they certainly test the relationship to the fullest extent! My boyfriend and love of my life is a Marine and lives 9 hours away...found out tonight he will soon be 2000 miles away...but from my experience the best way to make any long distance relationship work is with trust, loyalty, and devotion. without those there is no real foundation for a relationship, especially when he is deployed or you just cant be in the same place yet. My boyfriend and i skype alot...i send him at least one cute text/message a at work just to tell him i love him...things that let him know i care and am thinking about him and only him. during deployment i take the calls and texts that i can and send a letter a day and a care package a week...really helps them survive out there. Hope this gave you some ideas! good luck! :)