Caught Her Cheating She's The One In The Military

Last night she made up an excuse to avoid me so she could spend time with him. I did some digging and found out that she was getting some calls and making calls to someone in the airforce. I called with a hidden number and confirmed it with his voicemail. Apparently this is the same guy that she has claimed has been texting her out on dates, sending her flowers etc. I didn't say anything, while we were on Skype I noticed that she was wearing a thong and push up bra and had make up on. Second time ever since she has been in A school, the day before she was out at the movies with some people and had a thong on that night also. She has been short and uninterested with me constantly texting while we are on Skype, and all the sudden has a very big sense of urgency to getting her phase 3 pass. She also got a call from this guy before she went to the movies the night before last. While we were on Skype last night She told me that she had left her glasses on the quarter deck and some guy in the airforce named Joshua had them. I thought it was very funny that she was on a first name basis with someone in another branch of service since she is in the NAVY. I had already done my home work and confirmed the first and last name of this guy, and it was Josh. I asked her was that the guy's last name, she changed her story and made up a first name for him. she gave me all the signs of lying and called him about her glasses while I was on Skype with her the phone went to voice mail and I heard him give his rank and last name which was not Joshua, matched with the name of the guy she said was texting her and sexually harassing her. She even said that she had a board of review to attend first thing in the morning in her dress blues because of her alleged claims. She could not explain why the guy she was calling whom had her glasses had the same name as the guy that she was supposidly harassing her. Well, I pulled the phone logs and the number she called and the number of the guy returning her call about the glasses matched and now I know it's the same guy. She has a ton of text messages from him also. She has been spending a lot of time with the Airforce lately, and told me that the guy that was suposidly harassing her was up for an airman of the year award. I Googled his full name rank and found a lot of articles about this guy and the awards and basically a lot of details she shared with me matched. What is sad is this guy is up for an airman of the year award, is married, and has a son. In an interview he credits his success to his marriage. Now I don't know what to do. I'm supposed to be flying out to spend 5 days with her, she is coming home with me for 9 days. All her belongings are at my house, we were living together before she went to boot camp and A school she has a cellphone under my account she is using, we have a joint savings account. I don't know if she comes home with me if she is going to clean me out while I am at work, or what. I don't know if I should get in touch with this guy I have his number, report him, get in touch with his wife which I also have the name of. Should I give her a chance and say hey she was lonely and just got out of 2 months of hell and has been away 4 months and slipped up and forgive her. She's done with A school in one month after she returns from her vacation with me. She'll never run in to this guy again, and he has a wife to go home to, but I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle this when she is deployed. I'm so confused right now. The worst part is she is still denying everything, angry, and won't tell me the truth. She isn't avoiding me, we talked more on skype after she flipped out she asked me to call her back. This morning she called me like normal and when I had to get off of the phone I asked her if she wanted me to call her back, she said it was ok she was in rush to get to class. I thought about what she said last night about her board of review meeting in her dress blues, apparently that was a lie also. God I want to believe her so bad, but there is nothing that holds true to anything she has told me.
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So Last night she's wearing a new dress in a pic she texted me and says its a present but she won't be any more specific than the guys of Alpha company bought it for her.Today she tells me a friend is going to let her use some of her leave time. They him and her were going to his home state and town. I was pretty upset she can take leave with a "friend" she sees every day but can't take it when I've flown 2500 miles to Cali to spend time with her. I posted on her fb wall something nice like have a great weekend baby, please take care of your knee. I love you very much. 1 minute later it was deleted I reposted 3 times deleted, then I was blocked from FB. I sent her a text she played dumb. Lately she has been deleting anything I post, she's stopped posting on my FB, always tagging this guy I've been talking about in posts, puts up a lot of pictures of the two hugging. Never leaves me any messages or comments or tags me in anything anymore. It may seem trivial but it hurts not having someone you love care about you. When we talk I feel like I am talking to myself, or shell have side conversations with other guys while I am on the phone. She tells on herself and says hurtful things to me without even realizing what is coming out of her mouth. I'm tired of being an option when all I have done is make her a priority. This has been going on for too long. She called me wanting to talk about my texts then got mad I was upset and ruining her day. I said you called me I didn't call you. I told her I can't do this anymore. She said have a nice weekend then hung up. 5 minutes later she called again I said I'm tired of the games, lies, I'm done then hung up. She called 3 more times I ignored the calls. I sent her a text I'm blocking all forms of communication. And I did. She can't call, text, msg me or anything.

He the guy I suspect her of cheating on me with is letting her use some of his leave time so they can go back to his home town and state together. It was confusing the way I worded it originally.

We've been apart now 9 months I went to her graduation, visited he during the holidays, she came home for 9 days, and I just got back from a trip to visit her. I've done most of what you suggested. The problem is she's staying at hotels with guys sharing rooms, getting wasted, going out to dinner and drinking wine on the beach with a guy, he spends the night over at her place. "But he's just a friend" I keep catching her in lies about her guy friends. She'll say things like I'm so overwhelemed I have so much to do I can't talk then I see on her call log where she is talking to this guy for hours on her phone. She even cried when he got kicked out of the Aiforce for something involving her and him being in her room, mind you she is in the Navy during A school. Then there was this other guy he kept blowing up her cellphone while we were on vacation together with messages like good morning beautiful, good night beautiful, I miss you, send me pictures of yourself, he sent her pictures of him self nothing bad. I got so aggravated she was visiting me they got to see her every day and I felt like I was sharing my girlfriend with people that get to see her every day and I only got a limited amount of time. She'd sneak off to take calls, or text him. Some nights she would wake me up texting him. I got so pissed off I snatched her phone out of her hand and read all the texts from this guys and they were over the line of friendship. She at first told me he was sexually harrassing her and then all the sudden they became best friends. I got so pissed I blocked his number from her phone and she went off on me. Then started talking to him off of some free internet phone chat on her phone even though she knew how uncomfortable I was with their relationship. I explained even if there was no physical relationship, she had an emotional one with him and it was still cheating. He got stationed some where else and she was crying about that to me. Now I got back to Cali I already have a sneaking suspicion of a third guy now. I randomly get text messages that don't make sense. One said I'm so ******* horny right now for some strange reason. I responded back to the text with a sexual comment she never responded back. I sent another comment no response. I said did I say something wrong? She said no not at all I'm just busy at work. I'm thinking to my self why are you busy at work horny? I could go on about the lies I catch her in. Well as I said earlier I just got back from Cali, it was the worst experience ever she kept getting texts and calls from this guy every moment we had he was blowing up her phone. And guess what she did? She would say it was work related and ditch me asking to borrow my rental Camaro. She left me at the mall for 5 hours, while she was hanging out with that guy during his lunch break. Then the next day at 6pm on a Sat she said she has to go to work to get signatures from builders and asks to use the car. I said no. I sat in the car in front of her barrack acting like I was gpsing a location and while she is in her civies the guy I suspect her of cheating on me with in his civies walks to her room, she opens the door sees my car in front of her door and the look of panic is all over her face. I bee line straight to the door pissed as hell. This guy inside her room hides behind her door, she cuts me off before I can walk in covers me with a hug, I leaned forward to kiss her and she turns her cheek to my mouth and shoos me off saying she has to do her work stuff. I was like aren't you going to introduce me to your friend? She said she never mixes work and personal. I argued he's your close friend how is that not mixing the two? 9:30pm I call her and tell her I am in front of your barrack where are you. She was 30 minutes away at a bar saying she was waiting on signatures, and guess who is still with her? I tell her I'm going to ask her room mate to let me in and I'll wait in her barrack and she reptidly yells in to the phone get the **** off of my base! And she litterally has people come out to watch to see if I left.11:30pm I get a call to pick her up and bring her back to my hotel. She demands I let her drive, I said no. She says fine then I'm not coming and storms to her room. I drive off and she calls me asking me to come back. I come back she demands to drive. I say whatever and let her drive she was so drunk she hit the curb and some bushes. I demand at this point she gets out and let me drive. She spent that night throwing up. The next day we have breakfast and lunch together her phone is blowing up and she is aggravated as hell she finally calls that guy and says she is on her way. She asks to use the car she needed to get her room cleaned up laundry done, buy some food at the commissary, and a few errands. I ask if I can come she says no you can't come to those areas they are restricted to military. I have family in the military and I used to have base privledges, I know this is bullshit anyone can go in to the comissary acompanied or sponsored by someone in the military. I've been in her barrack room before why all the sudden can't I now? At this point she was considered battalion and it was considered her living space. She even lied to me about her sponsorship to get me on base. I had a 5 day permit but she told me I could only use it with her with me. The guards never had any issues letting me on base unaccompanied. We had sex one night out of 5 she stayed with me 2 night out of 5. Normally we are like rabbits. I even asked her and commented her response was I just can't. I know she wasn't on her period. And the way she kissed me it was like she was kissing someone else, not the way we usually kiss. So here it is Easter Sunday she takes the car at 2pm to do her "errands" which I can not accompany her with. 4 and a half hours later she says she just finished grocery shopping. at 8pm I'm worried. I call her she says she is on the way. It's a 10 minute drive to the hotel as a note. She walks in at 9:30pm. He phone is going nuts with texts and calls. She has a black eye is drunk and crying. Then tells me she has to go back to the base to muster. She hasn't had to muster for the last 2 months. I argue with her she demands I take her back. This was our goodbye. I drive off slowly and guess who I see creeping to her room out of my side view mirror? Out of the 5 days I spent in California visiting her I spent only maybe 48 hours with her. Ever since then she has been really weird she was crying about that guy she said he was her best friend but ever since my visit refused to talk to her. Last night I got pissed off at her and blew up on the phone anytime a guys voice is in the background suddenly she has to go. Normally we say I love you when we get off of the phone, but when a guy is around she's avoided saying it. Last night she said can I call you back later? I was like ok, I love you. Her response was ahh ok... Then hung up.She goes apeshit on the few occasions I don't answer my phone, and anytime I go out she seems to know and immediately asks me where and who with. It's a 50/50 chance she answers her phone and if she is at a hotel with soem "friends" she doesn't answer. When she calls me she's usually outside away from everyone smoking. I told her I was sick and tired of being treated like an option and her making everyone else a priority over me especially considering they get to see her every day. I explained how I was frustrated she never introuduced me to anyone. That any time a guy came around her while she was on the phone she had to get off of the phone, or would have a conversation with them while I was on the phone. I explained it was rude as **** and that I have very limited time with her these people get to see her every day whatever they needed to talk about could wait, and it would be nice to hear every now and again I'm sorry I can't hang out for a little while I'm on the phone with my boyfriend, instead of me always getting ditched in the middle of a call so she can go hang out with them.She even posted on FB and her family freaked out when she stayed in a hotel room with 2 guys tagged them in it and even had a pic of one of the guys in the bed. I really could go on. I mean really am I out of line here, or is this normal behavior for couple in the military? Is it just innocent friendship and I am over reacting, or is there some unwritten law in the military that makes behavior like this acceptable? What is left of our relationship is hanging by a very thin thread right now. I send her cards, flowers, candy, I'm always upbeat and talkative when she calls. I wrote her letters, I sent her a tablet, new cellphone, blue tooth work out head set for her phone, candy, clothes, care packages, I text, record videos for her, leave messages on her facebook wall. I made a big deal out of her birthday and sent her 4 presents and seperated them all so she would get them on different days, sent candy, a stuffed teddy bear, also designed a Navy shirt I personalized for her with a joke they all had.When my birthday came around she never even said happy birthday and she knew it was the day after she was supposed to graduate from A school. 5 days later she called and appologized. Valentines day no card, nothing. I spent over $150.00 on candy, flowers, and a card. Then she calls me and cuts me off in the middle of the call saying I need to get off the phone so I can hurry up and buy a friend his birthday present without him finding out. I was ******* livid and went off on her. She can't call and even say happy birthday to me, and can't talk to me because she is buying someone their birthday present. She got injured 2 days before she graduated with a torn acl and miniscus back on Feb 6th, now it is April 18th a month and a half later and they are scheduling her for surgery in another 6-8 weeks. I've been bugging her every day to let me know when the surgery was, she would get pissed off and say I'd be the first to know. I found out because someone asked her on facebook on a post of hers. To this very moment she still has not mentioned that to me. We've been apart 9 months now with about 20 days worth of visits, we will be apart 2 months for surgery date, 6 months for recovery, 2 more months for ECS combat training with the possibility of a 8 month deployment after. So when all is said and done we will have been away from each other for about 25 months. Tonight she called me wanting me to send her some clothes we are short managers at work and I am sending my assistant to cover others I'm putting in 11-12 hour days I don't get a lunch and explained she should have asked me today while I was off and could have gone to the post office, there is absolutely no way I will be able to get to a post office for a week. They open when I'm already at work and close before I get off and I can't leave work at any part of the day. She is actually pissed off at me right now, was even trying to get my family to do it for her. I don't expect I'll be getting a call tonight. I mean really am I doing something wrong here with this relationship? I really feel like it's going down the ******* and I'm having a hard time trusting anything she is saying, the distance is making this even worse. She didn't act like this until she joined teh Navy, she was always attentive, her world revolved around me, she adored me. People used to joke and say she treated me like a Rockstar. Now I feel like I'm always being kicked to the curb.

She called me crying and begged me to come back to Cali to visits she is stuck there at least another 7 months. I explained I didn't know if I could get the time off of work so suddenly and couldn't afford it. She said shed pay for my flight and half of my expenses. I fly out and ended up spending half of the 5 days alone. She kept taking off with my rental car and ditching me places while she hung out with a guy I suspected her cheating on me with. She kept saying it was work related. Really 6pm to 11:30pm getting builders signatures chasing them all over Cali. When I dropped her off suspecting something I sat in my car not 2 minutes after she went to her barracks the guy I was suspecting was knocking on her door.I got out of my car and charged straight to her barrack room once I saw him enter. She cut me off with a hug then when I went to kiss her she turned her cheek to my lips while this guy cowered behind the door. She pretty much chased me off. Later that night around 10pm I pulled up in front of her barrack and called her to tell her I was there. I called 5 times no answer. Finally I sent a text saying I was in front of her barrack and was going to ask her room mate to let me in and I'd wait in her room like I had before. That guys car was still gone. She called me back quickly and I heard her in a bar.She kept yelling at me to get the **** off of her ba<x>se. By the way I'd like to point out I had a sponsorship pass to get off and on the ba<x>se she lied to me and said I could only use it with her there. Security let me through no questions asked. I flipped out on her and went back to our hotel. She called me back about 11:30 wanting me to pick her up. I arrived in front of her barrack she came out and demanded I let her drive. I said no and she said fine I'll stay here. I drove off and she called me back. I said fine she could drive. She almost wrecked the car because she was so drunk. Every time I was with her this guy was blowing up her phone with calls and texts. After the first night she refused to have sex with me. She acted weird anytime I got close and complained about my facial hair scratching her face. She didn't kiss me like we usually did. Its like she was kissing someone else. After ditching me at the mall to do more work related stuff for this guy for 4 hrs. Then wants to go back so I can help her pick out clothes for him because he is too busy and he'd pay her back. I looked over her shoulder and saw words like hey love, love, babe. I flipped out she said they were close friends its just the way they talk. His name comes up every time I have a conversation with her. She ditched me at the hotel on Easter after spending the morning with me and her phone going nuts. She said she had to do laundry and get ready for the week and buy groceries. For some reason I couldnt come. 7 hours later she comes back its 10 at night and she needs me to drop her off at the ba<x>se. She had a black eye. Her phone is going nuts. Finally she calls him back and pissed off says she is on her way. Not two minutes after I say goodbye he is sneaking to her room. Even her boss thinks he is her BF for some reason. Seriously am I over reacting or is this all bullshit? If he was a best friend why wasn't I introduced? The night she was at the bar his car was gone and it was there again when I went to pick her up.

This continues to get better on the day of my birthday I drive 3 hours to visit my Grandparents both of whom were recently admitted to the ER, the night before my GF is out partying she never called me to let me know she got home safely. I blow up her phone in the morning and she keeps hitting the ignore button or texting me back saying she is sleeping. Really why text me back and not just answer the phone. I was really worried if she was ok. Apparently she was in a hotel. We talked 2-3 times a day over a period of 4 days not one mention of Happy birthday, not even a face book post, or card. Yet she has time to go blow money at hotels, drinking, and buying clothes $300.00 worth of clothes every weekend. 4 Days later she calls and appologizes on and on for about 10 minutes. I sent her cards and candy for Valentines day totaling $145.00, what did I get? A facebook post. I vented and explained even if all she did was tear out a piece of paper and write I love you and mail it to me it would have made my day. She explained that the post office was not in an area that was close by, yet she can drive 1.5 hours away to go hang out in LA and another 1.5 hours to return. It really hurt my feelings tonight when she called and told me how much she missed me. Then explained she had been partying it up all weekend in LA, was at a hotel both nights, just spent $300.00 on clothes, and was actually in the store taking pictures of a bikini she wanted to know if I liked it and then texted it to me. Then cut me off saying she had to pick of a birthday present for a friend of hers and was trying to do it without him noticing. WOW... No card, no happy birth day, nothing, but tells me I have to cut our call short so I can buy a guy I barely know a birthday present... I'm so ******* done... She calls me all the time when it's convienent for her, tells me she'll call me later, but can't answer the phone when I call, or she will call me back 20-30 minutes later. She admits to not opening the letters and cards I've sent her, hell she doesn't even thank me for them. Really how can a woman with any conceous exist like this? She has no clue when I try to talk to her about these things why I am upset. It's not ******* rocket science. I remember how her world used to revolve around me she would do anything for me, she never wanted to be more than a foot away from me, while she has been gone she sent me things all the time, cards, notes, reminders. This is the girl I feel in love with, but I don't know this person any more. I love her with the idea of who she used to be and keep hoping she'll come back but at this point I'm so depressed. I can't sleep, I can't eat, my house is a wreck, I don't go to the gym anymore, I'm not motivated to do anything. I can't enjoy anything any more. She has no clue, I try to tell her all the time and it goes right over her head.

I actually called her a few hours later and flipped out on her, she got really defensive and hung up on me. Then about 5 minutes later she called back and appologized. It was actually sincere, I did get a lot more clarification on things, I explained that she needed to communicate with me better at a distance all we have is communication to hold on to with our relationship, and if she isn't clear with me on what is going on it leaves way to much to the imagination. She has spent a lot of hours talking to me and opening up tonight, and honestly I feel like it was the first time I reached her despite multiple fights in the past. I explained how hurt she made me feel and how she was not making me feel like a priority in her life. I know that she is in the military and it will always be #1 to me but all the other side bull **** can take a backseat from time to time and I shouldn't always be the one in the back seat. I honestly want to believe that I have reached her, we'll see where it goes from there.

One thing that we both got from this conversation is I am very open with my feelings, when something is bothering me I talk about it. She's not like that at all. I explained that she was going to have to work on it, because if I don't know what's going on there is nothing I can do about it.

Not really sure how much more space we can give she's 2,500 miles away...

No offense but your girlfriend sounds like a real a hole. I understand not wanting to give up on someone you love . But seriously you have enough evidence to pack up her **** and kick her to the curb. Even if she gets honest now you are going to have serious trust issues and whenever shes not around youre always going to have this in the back of your mind. Oh sheesh. I feel for ya. Its a sh#t deal to be cheated on and betrayed. It kind of sticks with you into the next one. Sorry

It's actually gotten kind of fun catching her in her lies, always being one step a head of her. Then watching her sqwirm when I confront her with proof, but I do it in a funny kind of way hey look what I stumbled across, I don't understand exactly what I'm looking at could you please explain this to me type of attitude. I'm numb by this whole thing all the hurt and surprise are gone now. Nothing really surprises me anymore. I just keep acting dumb like I don't really understand what is going on. She usually ends up telling on herself without even realizing it. Just seems unfair if she was going to be unfaithful to me why not say hey maybe we should have a more casual relationship you go see other people if you want. I've been nothing but loyal but she is always suspicious that I am messing around behind her back and checking up on me calling and asking what I am doing, who I am with, where am I at?. Then does stuff like blow up my text with messages and pictures and personal messages when she thinks I'm with another woman, or posts things on FB and tags me in them saying how much she loves and misses me. Really so unfair she can have her fun, but in the end wants me all to her self. She even woke me up at the crack of dawn with a call while I was out of town with some friends at a casino in case another woman was in bed with me.

Oh it gets even better she even begs me to turn the phone back on her military chain of command tells her she needs it. Ok I get that she is in a leadership position they need to contact her. She can't leave base to get a new phone, but has plenty of time to leave the base to go to hotels, and bars. lol Ok so I have a heart I cut the phone back on she tells me how much she loves me in an in practically the same breath has the nerve to ask me to unblock this guy's number. I say suuuuureee... then leave a dramatic long pause and in a frustrated demanding voice she says "Like right now!" I responded I'll unblock him when I ******* feel like it. Then a few days later about the time he is getting kicked out she asks me how to find someone on Tango. Chatting on Skype I keep hearing this weird alert from her phone, I asked her about it she said it was a personalized alert for her FB messages. I've had the same phone 6 months longer then her, and I recognized the alert it wasn't something she put on. I knew that there was no way to personalize alerts. So I started playing with tango, and was like look I found the same alert you have on your phone. The surprise on her face was priceless. Lets put two and two together there is only one person she can't call or text on her cellphone that dude in the airforce. I finally got aggravated forwarded some personal text messages she sent me while we were on vacation and current one where she was saying stuff like you are all that I need you are so perfect for me, I love you so much blah blah, but I sent them as screen shots so dates, numbers and names were visible. Then I told him if he wanted to talk to her again on the phone again he was going to have to buy her a new ******* phone, and I didn't appreciate him blowing up her phone in the morning and night while we were naked in bed trying to sleep. Oh yeah she was pissed at me for that one for a while. lol

To add insult to injury I sent her flowers today she called and asked who they were from, and didn't go get them. Even though she called and thanked me for them.

This keeps getting better and better the guy I suspect her cheating on me with got in trouble for being in her room and kicked out of the Airforce for adultry. She was really upset about him being kicke dout for days in fact she was crying about it. She got put on 5 days restriction and was pretty much locked in her room. Even with him gone she continues to talk to him all day long even after she tells me she doesn't have time to talk to me. The whole time we were on vacation together she would sneak off to call or text him. He would text good morning beautiful daily, messages all day long, pictures of himself, asking her for pictures of herself, I felt like I was in competition with my Navy girlfriend against a guy in the airforce and he was over 2500 miles away. It really got annoying hearing her phone gone off with text alerts at night from this guy saying good night and leaving her all kinds of messages. We finally got in to a knock down drag out blow up fight. I blocked all texts and calls to and from her phone from him. She went nuts, our fight was brutal. That night she posted on Facebook a picture of her in a hotel with 2 guys at 1am drinking there was a hot tub and they were tagged in the pic. I hate to say it but the military is an environment that fosters infidelity. I don't see that many older people in the armed forces that are married, or with their original spouse. It seems like the environments cultivates the opportunities to cheat. People say that if you are going to cheat you will do it in or outside of the military but some things to take in to consideration. Time zones, the person is never close enough for you to really know what is going on, you pretty much fall to the mercy of their schedule which can hide behind a lot of lies and made up excuses, you can't just up and take a vaction together, or spend time together. The distance and time apart isn't just a few months it can be half a year up to a year or more.It seems like all everyone in the military does is drink and that lowers inhibitions.

What's really sick about all of this is while they are away those of us left behind are handling everything, staying faithful, putting our lives on hold for their careers, and giving up everything to be with them family, friends, jobs, ect. While they put their work day in and live it up the rest of the time they are off.

To make matters more interesting last night she tells me she is staying at a hotel, I look at her call log and she has like 15 conversations with this guy after calling in a reservation.

You two will need to sit down and just pug it all out there. Try not to show anger or get her on the defencive side. My husband tends to get defencive and find a way to turn it all on me. This last time I FINALLY had the proof I just told him there was nothing to talk about because it is NOT my fault and I did nothing to deserve it and it was all him... DONE DONE DONE. That day he came home from work and told me EVERYTHING.... Things I had no idea about and my heart was ripped from with in but now if is all out there and we will see if we can repair us.. I hope she will be honest with you and I wish u two the best either together or apart!

Too many things keep coming up. The whole time she was back home with me I kept looking over her shoulders and asking her about the texts she was getting from this guy. I confronted her two times and she turned it around on me for snooping. I even showed her the call log from her cellphone. All she kept saying was he's just a friend and that he is engaged. Maybe I'm overreacting but why would someone that is engaged send pics of himself, ask her for pics text her all day long, say things like good morning beautiful routinely, and text her every night before bed. He gets more calls then I do. Anytime she calls him while he is away she disapears won't answer her phone and doesn't get any more calls until she is back. One minute she hates this guy the next he's her best friend and they are traveling around LA together buying each other lunch and dinner. She took me to a beach they were at and could only remember it by the name of a hotel. I picked her up and some guy asks her who is on the phone with her while I waited at the gates of a military base and she refers to me as a friend. Then when she's with me she literally spends $1000.00's on me. Confronting her has not gotten me anywhere no explanations no honesty. The only things that she has admitted to was some of the lies I caught her in or her saying she didn't remember saying something when I show her it documented she still argues. It's like she runs back and fourth between me and this guy based on convience.

I've talked to two friends through out the day and here's my conclusion. It's possible I am overreacting, maybe she is flirting with a guy she enjoys spending time with. I know she isn't sleeping with him. I don't know how hard the things she is going through are. I know that she is sad, depressed, exhausted and lonely. She misses attention and being touched. A lot of nights she has cried saying she wants to come home, or wants to give up. By the time all of this is over she will have been gone for over 6 months. It's been hard on both of us she has felt insecure with me.Maybe she is hiding things to protect my feelings, at the end of the day I know she loves me, it's been a rough week for all of them the base has been on lock down and everyone is getting reamed. I remember seeing a movie called Fireproof maybe distance has caused some confusion, I'm going to remind her why she fell in love with me in the first place.

I hope this relationship is over. You deserve better...once you believe this, you will find better. Trust me on this one! Best of luck to you.

Wow this is a lot Of lying. I don't know what to say because I can't deal with liars. Maybe confront her when she gets there and if she still deny instead of just telling you leave her. You don't deserve that.

Clean out your account call a storage company for her **** and break up with her skanky ***. Ida how much pressure or hell a person is put through, a person will stay faithful even if its the hardest thing in the world. Get a girl with an education and not in the military.