Bri's Post.

Ok in the other group i had my share of whiney post but saince ive talked to you ladies ive learened to roll with the punches.

My life this past year has not been easy everyone knows that. And it will only get harder. But im done complaining. If i complain from this moment on here you can tell me to stfu and move on. And if its on the other one write me a huge post on here so that i realize it. Cuz im done playing the victim. Im way to strong for that ****.



Your, Brianna

Bri202 Bri202
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 4, 2009

I know. I just couldn't handle it anymore. We need a second home to come to. Leave the puff's in the back seat. x


Aw, Well done. **** everyone has there bad days but its just when it takes over there lives. When like Kali says you need to learn to grab your ovaries. lmao x