I Hate Civilians I Swear I Do

i went to jack in the crack tonight for some tacos wearing my infantry tee shirt with dog tags as i was sitting there is lady and her husband were stairing reading my t-shirt finally after a great 5min the lady asked if i was married to a soldier or somethin i said no not yet we just got engaged, she of course asked if he has been over seas yet i said no but he leaves next week, this lady had the balls to say well you shouldnt let him go.... i looked at her like she was f-ing stupid i said i wish i could i told her she said its not a place soldiers should be its a pointless war and your soldier isnt fighting for anything worth dieing for, then to add to all that she askes since he is infantry that means he has a good chance of getting hurt or worse right........ i couldnt take it i said ummm yea somethin like that i grabbed my food and walked out... i swear i would have dropped kicked her if she has open her mouth again... who does that i mean seriously wtf B****.... god i hate people who say stupid s***... sry i had to say something i hate civilians they suck and most cant hold there oppinions back like i actually give a dam what they think... uuummm negative ghostrider i shore do not!!!!....

please tell me im not the only one with this issue or hear stupid S***!!!!!.....


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First of all, Selina, you're clearly an uneducated ****. Second, just because your husband/fiancé/boyfriend serves, that doesn't make you part of the military, you're a civilian. Go **** yourself and stop speaking for military people when you have no right.

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The only thing I dislike is when applying for jobs after I got out honorably. I have had many things said to me that was discriminating for having served. For example, I was once asked by an employer how have I adjusted or do I have ptsd. I didnt think that was appropriate. Further, I have been told in an interview once how the employer felt about the war which I didnt see as part of the job description then nevertheless I wasnt hired for the position which I felt was abuse to have to listen to their rhetoric. I did a job. It may not have been the most popular job but I did it. Once I had an interview and the girl who interviewed me had gang sighn tattos all over her arms. I thought how did she get such a nice job. During the interview she looked at my resume then she asked me "what does the Marine corps do ". I reexplained what was my job duties from my resume. The girls eyes twisted then she asked me "did you fly fighter jets ?" I said no. She said oh. I never got that job either I didnt know I had to fly jets to get a security job that paid minimum wage. So for all those coming home keep your head up. We are getting a bad hand delt for our service but your not the only one. HANG IN THERE GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH AND HE DOES LOVE YOU. dont give up.

You probably weren't qualified for the job, or you interviewed poorly, her question about fighter jets was probably out if curiosity. If you truly feel you were discriminated against because of your military experience, you should seek legal advice.

You know what? I'm a veteran, I actually served, unlike cretinous filth like you, and I wouldn't have gotten upset with this woman. I would have merely told her that it didn't matter what I thought of my orders, I had to fulfill them, because only I would serve in Leavenworth if I didn't, not her.

I always understood when people said these things, because I was smart enough to know what I was signing up for: So that people could speak their mind like that about what they thought about war, why we go to war, and what HER tax dollars are paying for.

She has every right to be concerned and speak up, and THAT IS WHY I SERVED, you filthy little Nazi.

It was part of that oath I made when I signed up, you know to uphold the Constitution, including the free speech rights of ignorant filth like you and the AMERICAN CITIZEN who has the guts to wonder what her tax dollars are paying for, and that she doesn't like it.

She doesn't have to like it, you Anti-American piece of trash!

That woman pays his salaray, stupid, and your man is serving so she can SAY WHAT SHE THINKS.

This is the problem with ignorant, anti-American trash like you: You don't know the REAL meaning of serving your country. You're too stupid to understand what it is that the military is really really trying to protect: The right of that TAXPAYER and AMERICAN CITIZEN to speak her mind!

And what's sad is that I also served so that you had the right to spew your stupidity as much as you wanted.

I'm not an American and I have even suffered because of the US government, but I'm a human and so are you, and right now I have nothing but respect for you.

This has no relevance to the original post.

omg i knew i had seen this guy b4!! hes just blew up our group!!

wow ppl okay so as for u arch guy uuummm sry ur a little bitter for being denied this life... maybe its a blessing in a weird way... but read and inderstand that there are ppl on this earth that bash military life and for those of us who are the brave and strong dont need that kinda BS we stand by our men and women day in and day out... we love and hold them through good and bad and trust me wen **** gets bad its the worst.... and all the girl that posted stuff ur right civi's are ignorant and need to keep their god d*m mouths shut cuz we are the back bones of our soldiers..... and i comend every one of you for choosing and being faithful to this ruff life.... and next time you get a stupid civi show them that u are better badder and cuter than they could ever be!!!!!... and as for u archi, we are set apart from the civi's and not to be rude but we are stronger than alot of u, i could tell u storys that would make u cring and as for civi women they couldnt handle the tear that we hold back and the heart brake that we feel EVERYDAY, and when ur soldier calls you and says "baby im leaving again idk for how long" it brakes ur heart but you cant show tears or any sign of hurt, you smile give him that kiss and hug and a letter that says ull be waiting no matter how long, to see that bus or plane leave... those are the things we do... we are chosen for this we would never ask for this... sry if thats mean or wat ever but its the truth... and i stand by that just like my soldier stands by his country and all the jack ***** who dont frickin deserve the air they breathe...

They are not bashing military life, you liar. They are speaking their minds about policies and actions our governments exercise, and it is their right to do it. When you sign up for the military, you swear to uphold the CONSTITUTION, and that includes upholding her right to criticize the government, its military and anything else, as long as shes\' doing it in a peaceful manner.

I know you\'re really stupid, but the military is NOT above criticism, and it\'s certainly not exempt from it when the American taxpayers don\'t like the military that they PAY FOR wasting their money or doing bad things.

A TRUE patriot would want our country to do the right thing and not waste the taxpayer\'s money.

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You said ALL, I didn't say all civilians. Make sure you read posts correctly and thoroughly. I said stupid civilians, not all civilians, and there's plenty of those types out there,as some people who have been hated on by those types and those who have no concept or understanding of pride, sacrifice, or loyalty. There's this strain of population of Americans, even more so as generations pass, where ignorance, selfishness, and disrespect to our country has taken a priority over everything else. Even as a respectful American civilian, you may have seen it. So, by no means am I criticizing all civilians, just those who have put themselves above all else and care nothing for thier country or even their community, for that matter. how often do you see a selfish and ignorant person volunteer their time to their community? Doesn't happen with those types. Those are also the types who don't support our law enforcement or our fire departments.

They\'re not stupid, you stupid filth.

They PAY THE SALARY of every single person in the military, and all the toys they get to play with.

They are the ones that the military is supposed to defend to have all the rights in the Constitution, like FREE SPEECH, stupid.

If she can\'t say what she thinks of how her tax dollars are spent, then you need to step back and re-think what the military is REALLY about. Because it isn\'t about shutting up the American citizen exercising her Constitutional rights.

I\'m a veteran and I am sick and horrified that you are such a stupid and traitorous piece of trash that you don\'t know WHY the military exists.

You and your stupidity are a disgrace to this country and to every military person who ever died to protect that woman\'s right to speak her mind.

some people just dont understand!! If they are not living the life we are than they dont like it and dont understand why we do. Its about loving our men no matter what!!

Another moron who doesn\'t understand that military people swear to uphold the Constitution, and that includes the part where that woman has free speech rights to express what she thinks of war and the politics behind it.


That is what people who join the military are supposed to SUPPORT, stupid.

Selina,<br />
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You are not alone. I spent 13 years in the military. I served two tours in Iraq and I'm pretty sure I have PTSD due to the differences in my reaction to certain situations. I have found that I have grown to despise civilians, or stupid ones anyways. Even in garrison, I lived in communities where most of the civilians were friends and family of the military. Now that I am medically discharged for my back and neck injuries I live in Phoenix, people are down right rude. They run around all day long acting as if they are entitled to everything. There's no honor, no pride, a complete lack of compassion, lack of humility, very selfish and arrogant civilians. I'm sometimes just one hop short from wanting to beat someone's tail for any of these things. I'd do anything to be taken back, but I'm considered too disabled to go back. :( I can't even bear to watch the news because it's straight depressing and never has anything good to say, especially about the war. Which I know for a fact has had several good results, but you'd never know it with our heavy left leaning media. I'd hate to say this, but this coutry needs an enima. Apparently 9/11 wasn't enough to wake up our self-righteous, self-centered, arrogant, materialistic, irresponsible population. Sorry to say that it's also a huge percentage of the population. Our country will pay greatly one day soon, and people will be turning to our armed forces, our police, our firemen, our families, to protect and save us. Until then, those who continue to sacrifice will be rediculed or ignored.

You had no business serving if you don\'t respect the people you swore to defend.

It sounds like YOU are the one with no honor. YOU are the one living on the taxpayer dime, and you bite that hand that feeds your sorry butt. If that\'s not feeling entitled and lacking in humility, I don\'t know what is.

You are a disgrace to the uniform for being so hateful and judgmental about the American citizens who PAID YOUR SALARY AND PAY FOR YOUR CONTINUED CARE, you ungrateful piece of garbage.

This veteran is disgusted by your complete disrespect for the American people supporting your sorry ***.

what a *****. I had one guy ask me about my dogtags, and then he says "do you know why they call that one a toe tag? its for when he dies in combat and they cant recogize him by his face " i was bartending at the time so i couldnt be a ***** so i just said "yeah, i kno' and walkd away. ugh. it pi***d me off. then the other day i was at the humane society and i was wearing my shirt that says semper fidelis and then has the EGA and says USMC, and the lady behind the counter said" do you even know anybody that's in?" (acting like a stuck up b***h) and i said yeah my boyfriend. then she gave me a dumb look, and turnd her head.. ugh. its like what the eff is that all about?

She might know that there are a lot military dry-humpers who like to wear Marine Corps gear, but haven\'t served, and she doesn\'t like people who do that crap. I don\'t. If you haven\'t served, sign up so you can earn that shirt.

Ever think that might be what she was getting out, idiot?

WOW! I've gotten snide remarks to from people before but never so bluntly. Usually i make some smart remark back or just walk away, but that would've really ticked me off.<br />
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I hate it when people go spouting their mouths off about something they dont know anything about. What a b****. It frustrates me when people insult the military. Yeah you may not agree with every cause they are fighting for but we wouldnt be living our lives the way we do today if it wasnt for them.<br />
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Jeesh show a little support people! She's prolly just jealous too cuz you have a man who's doing something honorable and brave. And you are brave and stong for standing beside him

The thing is I bet if you were to go back in time to Sept 11th she would have been saying we need to go to war because we need to get Bin Laden. If she didn't she wouldn't have been an American. <br />
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People can be so ******* ignorant. I hate them at times. I've had to very close people in my life that were in the forces killed and it is the worst feeling and now I am a wife once again to a man in the forces and if anyone ever says anything to me about death I will come unleashed.<br />
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I wouldn't lose any sleep over her it is her loss that she is such an ignorant biatch.xx

lmao for sure!!!! i hate people!!!

People are insensitive, uncaring, oblivious, self-centered *****. You're not fighting to defend them.<br />
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You're fighting to defend the .00001% that are nice, thoughtful, and are actually worth fighting for, right? She's just a freeloader leeching off the freedom you're buying for the few that truely deserve it. The mutes. Maybe the deaf too since they probably wouldn't say to much to you when you're at Jack in the crack.<br />
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Hmm. Maybe animals too, they tend to keep their opinions to themselves.