A New Wife :)

My husband and I met on myspace in a chatroom. Not long after that we were texting and talking on the phone every day for like two weeks then we were dating :). we dated for over a month, then he came to south carolina to see me. I went back to texas with him for 3 weeks and then he moved back here with me. We moved in with my parents and on september 4th we got married :).

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Thanks girls! :)

congatulations.. sometimes things just happen fast like that.. im not a marine wife either but these girls are great!!

how awesome! my husband and i got married on september 5th. :D<br />
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i hpoe everything is going well, sweet girl.<br />
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and archimonde, who asked you anyways? what a ****.

Thanks, but im an airforce wife not marines :)

Aw bless, That is super sweet. xx

awh congratulations!! well welcome to the group =) there is a way more frequently checked marine s/o group and I recommend joining that also! the girls are great!! (some are crazy ) haha you have that everywhere I guess... anyways my name's Leah and my marine is at camp lejeune