Dare You To Be Weird Like Me

I don't know how to fit in and i don't want to. i just wish people would accept me as i am. i can't even get a job at most places due to my ever changing hair colors (the wild ones). i don't know how to be anyone but myself, and even if i did i wouldn't because i would never be happy with myself. i have been rejected my whole life for being too quiet or strange. in hellamentary school, i was teased and made fun of for loving dinosaurs and got in trouble for starting fights (or chasing them around like a dinosaur). after that, i vowed to never speak of dinosaurs again and forget them from my mind. even so, that hasn't stopped me from being who i am, it just pushed me to move forward in life.
in high school, i was the weird anti-social heartbreaker, and i loved it. i was happy because that's when i stopped caring about people's expectations and doing whatever i want for my own sake. now that i have stuck with that menatlity i have been blessed with friends that are true and a loving boyfriend who likes me just as i am. life has gotten better through being weird.

what i've learned is to be true to myself and everything will follow through. my role model is joan jett, not just because she sings my theme song (bad reputation), but she is the greatest example of how to do and be who you love without giving a **** about what anyone else thinks. because of that inner strenght, she has made a name for herself, and i hope to do the same. there is no such thing as normal. as my favorite saying goes, it is normal to be weird, but it is weird to be normal. i am a reject on the island of misfit toys and i love it!
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One's only at their best when they're themselves!