Just Getting Started

I've lived in Austin, TX for 21 years and love music.  I play guitar, bass, and sing.  I prefer to write songs rather than just be a player.  I've recently finished a 5 song demo CD which I'm moderately happy with.  It was recorded on a 16 track digital recorder in my friends apartment so it sounds really great considering the circumstances.  I've also got a gig coming up next Thurs July 12th at Trophy's in Austin. 

I'm ready to write some new songs though and will be trying to write faster tempo songs.  I've traditionally been better at writing slower more melodic songs but I've come up with some more rockin' songs recently and the guy that recorded my demo is a rapper and makes his own tunes so I'll be trying to come up with some new songs with him.  Get ready cause here I come...


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good luck, hope you can make it, or at least a living. I have been around musicians all my life but i'm not one myself. wrote a song for a band that was popular local. local band they still tour all over the US. was proud of that,lol

Thanks :-)

that was like when i was younger. d@mn. gotta luv ya!!<br />
your secret is safe with me.........

Wow you admit to watching Full House...that is bold you sexy diva...I didn't know sexy divas watched Full House LOL...I'm kidding, I've watched the show myself. Please don't tell anyone :-)

ok. and yeah. Love Shack is a song that gets on my nerves to just listen to it on the radio, but it was on Full House and when Stephanie danced to it i thought it was cute. yeah, that's more like oldies music...hate it!!

wow. that is cool.

myspace is not that great....I'm on here 20 times as much as myspace. But it is good if you are a musician...you can post your songs on there for free and anyone can listen to them.

i don't even have a myspace. how bad is that? lol<br />
yeppers, i'm a lamo

I didn't see your post before about me posting lyrics of mine. I'm not sure if I like seeing my lyrics outside of the context of the song itself. I'll have to think on that one. You can listen to my demo on myspace though if you want.

Love Shack by the B-52's has to be up there...there's many others though. Too late and too painful to think about though LOL

hey so tell me...what's your least fave pop song that gets on your nerves?

hey wanna post some lyrics of your music?

haha. i don't know where you get karaoke cds from, but they have some really good variety at walmart, but i'm a lamo so i like pop music.

Hey thanks, yeah I sing...I mostly write rock songs...some lighter stuff but I'm also into heavier rock.<br />
<br />
Karaoke is fun but the selections are usually all pop songs. I get tired of hearing the same old crap over and over.

you sing? friggin awesome. what kind of music you write?<br />
i love guys with musical ability. <br />
yeah, i sing too and so can my bf. oh i have a karaoke machine and we have a f^cking blast with it. woohoo...rock on dude!!

Thank you very much, you are too kind. I am not really proud of those demo songs, I know I can do better. But it's great to hear when someone appreciates them...thanks again.

I don't have any videos but I do have a myspace page with some demo songs on it. www.myspace.com/dasein2

Yes, me too - put a video on you tube and let us know so we can see it!

Hey Siddler,<br />
It's great to see more singer-songwriters here. There's a great community in Austin. And though I haven't been there in many years, I have a few guitarist friends there. I played at a bar there once years ago when I was traveling a bit. You're a lucky guy to live there.