Musician, Writer But Down to Earth (hopefully)

From Detroit area I've had my music played all over the world. That's largely due to online sites like myspace,, last fm. It's pretty cool to know there's someone listening to your songs at almost any moment. Quite a few folks have bought my albums over the years as well. I'm addicted to writing music so I don't go too long without having new material. I highly recommend doing this if only as a great form of therapy. It helps you stay in touch with your feelings and release frustrations. You're likely to be very laid back and content.

     I've always liked the folky artists like James Taylor, Paul Simon, well, just about anyone who picks up an acoustic guitar and expresses theirself... I also play in a band that rocks a lttle harder than  when I play my softer songs. Also I'm known for quite a sense of humor. Have songs w/titles like "This aint Burger King " & " Wardrobe Malfunction." I basically have a lot of fun and audiences respond to that. Life is good. I feel lucky to have met many awesome folks and  to have fans. I'd like to encourage everyone to discover their talents and share them with others. It is really a most rewarding thing. It's been rewarding for me as well being the host of many open mics and encouraging the young developing artists. I know I gave many of them their first gig and it makes me happy to see their names on the bills of many venues around our city.

 Musicians can be really great friends as well. We don't have to prove things to folks like ego stuff, like who has the best car or house or lawn or stuff. I think when you get your moment on a stage once in a while your needs are taken care of and a lot of the social game playing seems totally pointless. Well, that's just how it occurs to me. I welcome your views even if you think I'm full of crap, which very well could be the case!



suchahermit suchahermit
56-60, M
Aug 2, 2009