Droplets Of Rain

THE droplets Of rain that fell on me..
blossomed my heart and spirited my soul..!!
it was the lovely scene..
that i viewed till it stopped by 5..

the foggy weather as it looked like..
and the tall trees recalled the ooty sightt!!

the cool breeze had frozen the hand...
and someone's presence added warmth to the time..!!
the weather so soothing,
glass of coffie and snacks with it,,
tastes so yummie!!
walking in the parking of college..
with a group of friends rose me to heaven!!
recalling all the moments we had been together when it raind..
added more glory to the today's play!!

lovely time it is always when you are with your special people..
and the clouds tries to wet you down in the form of rain..!!
it just roses the soul to a extent.
that time when you feel to laugh even on the silliest joke.

when you see the sky..
and it wets your eye,,
its the only moment
when you feel the touch of sky!!

kidos kidos
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2012