I Really Am...

 All joking aside, I believe with my whole heart that if you truly love someone, you're there for them all the time. That means no screwing around. If they aren't there for you, then move on til you find someone who will be.

I'm still looking for my one woman man.....Me being his one woman. Mahahaha!! I haven't found him yet, but I'm not giving up. Love is too great a miracle to ever give up.


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5 Responses Mar 12, 2009

youll get there :) Its funny to think...there is someone out there RIGHT NOW made for you and you havent met him yet! exciting!<br />
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As for freedom...I have been with my man for just over a year and I have never felt more free in my life :) I wouldnt trade love for anything

good luck, in the mean time live life to the fullest and enjoy your freedom..

well said, wyn.

HaHa See, that's good!! You have a sense of humor! <br />
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Maybe God is still grooming him for you!! :)

That's right Teri! Never give up!<br />
<br />
You'll find that miracle......God knows who he is!