I Love To Shop For Purses!

  There is nothing that makes me more happy than going purse and wallet shopping.  Some people like to shop for shoes but I love to shop for purses.  Since I was teenager I have been in love with purse shopping.  
    I love all types of purses!  I like the clutch, big purse the medium purse that has all the compartments and tiny black strappy sequence  purse.  I have so many purses in my clost at home! 
  The best purses to shop are the organizer purse!  I hate standing in public looking for my wallet,cell phone or i pod it just drives my crazy!  It really bothers me when I'm in a hurry and can't find my cell phone,car keys or my favorite sunglasses!  The purses that have the key ring that is attached to the purse and that with the pen lights are the best!  Now some come with key ring that you can unattched to the ring and reattached by snapping it back on.    
I used to lose my keys and sunglasses all the time until I started buying these types of purses.   Thank god whoever thought of of the purse organizer!   Not the type purses that have the built in daily planners!  Eventhough I carry a daily planner for a backup in my purse just in case my phone battery goes dead.  The only purses that bother me are the built in wallet is in the back of the purse.  The small purses with straps that have the built in wallet on the back side of the purse.  The used to be design with the sunglass pouch on the back of purse!      You will never catch carrying these types of purses or the backpack purses.  I don't know how many times my sunglasses have been broken by using these types of purses.  The purses I love  are the big purses or L.L bean tote bags!  The totes or big purse bags that are big enough and deep enough that you can't even see what in your bag but have the built in organizer  I will always buy!  Some of them now come with an unbrella with slip cover so your stuff will stay dry on rainy days. 
You can carry these types of purses close to you without fearing that someone will take run off with it !

Do you love purses and if you do comment down below and tell me your favorite type of purse is and why?  
nightcap2010 nightcap2010
26-30, F
Jul 24, 2010