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   I've been to six Rolling Stones concerts in my life but this specific one has to be the most memorable.  It was the early 1980's, I was recently divorced and the Stones were touring the States promoting their, "Some Girls" LP.  Needing a break from the pangs of a relationship gone sour,  I decided I'd do something to re-aquaint myself with being single and free.   After a little research,  I discovered the nearest city of their tour to me, was New Orleans,LA., which meant having to "Fly the Friendly Skys" to make the show.   I was a bit hesitant at first, but then I said, "what the hell, why not?"  Before leaving Florida, a friend of mine told me I could stay at his ex-wife's friend in the Big Easy. So he contacted her and asked if I could crash at her place for the night of the concert. She told him it would be O.K. even though her and I had never met.  I thought, 'cool'; now my only obstacle was buying a concert ticket from a scalper outside the Superdome.

    I arrived in New Orleans late afternoon the day of the concert.  From the airport,  I took a cab to the apartment complex,  where I was going to meet  for the first time,  my gracious host.  Walking up to her apartment door,  I knocked, but no-one was home. Thinking of what to do next,  I noticed the time and figured she was still at work.  As I was walking down the stairwell,  someone who looked a bit tipsy,  waved at me and pointed to another door.  That door turned out to be the entrance to a bar for the apartment complex.  Since I had time to kill,  I decided to step inside and have a drink.  While there I began talking to people about the Stones concert.  Sitting across from me, a couple asked if I needed a ticket.  That's when it all started.  After telling them my story, these people became instant friends and treated me with exceptional New Orleans hospitality.  Come to find out, they themselves were going to the show,  and also asked if I needed a ride to it! 

   Before you know it,  I'm in a car with four strangers and the person driving pulls into a funeral home.  Of course, at this time, I'm wondering?  What's this all about?  Well, the plan was to arrive at the concert in a Hearse Limo.  Increidible!  Once inside the limo,  the driver pushes in a tape of the Stones song, "Dead Flowers" and here I am, with total strangers, headed to a Rolling Stones concert.  When we arrived , they all gave me a hug and we went to our designated seats.  After the show, I do not know how, but I made it back to the apartment complex, met the girl I was to stay with, and left the next day.  "Miss You" was the first song on that specific album, and it was so strange how it rang true for me at that time in my life.

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81' was actually Tattoo You Tour. My first Stones show. JFK Stadium Philly. Headed to Raleigh NC and Nashville to catch them this summer. Zip Code NA 2015! I'm well over a 100 shows so far!

my first stones concert was nov 64 in boston garden , tickets were $15.00 and the seats were great

i've been going to rolling stones concerts since 1964, been to 12 in all and have every album they've ever made,,, some of the best songs i like is , its all over now, sympathy for the devil, monkey man, undermy thumb, sittin on a fence, and many more, sweet virginia.

yah all great songs

Uber quantum cool!

No responsibilities! Let's create a T-shirt that says that! Lol. Thanx for bringing up New Orleans also. It had a huge effect on my life.

Thanx Neon. Glad you liked it. I actually flashed back while writing it!

Great story!!!!!!!!