I don't believe in labels, but more than often people tell me I am strange. They say that I am a mystery and always surprise them when I reveal more about myself. Personally I do not know if I am or am not an enigma, but I do like things that are on the obscure side. Well I love being strange then, and all you others who are strange should also enjoy your uniqueness. (:
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

umm yea finally some independence, not co-dependence as in social media/ self harm / government conspiracy theory crap lol...... listen EVERYONE is strange which is another word for unique ... in their own way. don't let anyone or anything get in your path to prosperity. I'm done here. I only commented because steffi u are hot js

i think that we are all unique, and if someone tells you that you are strange, yes be thankful because they have told you that you are