Battling Ignorance!

I’m a student and a teacher and I love being both. They are the most prestigious jobs one could get. As a student I feel learning is the greatest experience of a person’s life. When you stop learning you stop growing. I have always wanted to drink up all the knowledge of the world, I have always had that thirst, and I wish that one day it will be quenched.
As a teacher the experience of learning for me does not stop. I believe, every lesson taught is a lesson learnt, because to teach you must learn. And therefore I feel very proud to be both a teacher and a student.
I believe if the whole world was educated then there would be no need for the therapists and prison cells because every wrong doing is either an act of ignorance or lack of knowledge. So let’s omit option 2! This way there will be less wrong and more right in the world!
We are all students in a way, in the University of Life!  We are all teachers in a way, when we forward our information. So forward your information, and don’t be miser with knowledge, Let knowledge flourish in our world and lets battle ignorance away! 
echo101 echo101
13-15, F
Aug 6, 2010