I Love Older Guys

I love older guys holding me and touching me, I love the look of lust in their eys as they feel my ***, I love the silly stories they tell as I drop on one knee and offer them my mouth and as I work away on them, I love their srong hands on me their kisses and the way they say Im cute, any older guys read this then please be my friend Vxx
vikkymiller vikkymiller
31-35, T
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I think I qualify, and I am glad to be your friend.

At 58 do I qualify as an older man? I would certainly love to be a part of anything that would make us more intimate.

Maybe you could tickle both our bottoms whilst we service your ****,,mmmm that would be squirmy and very very nice xxxx

Indeed! I'd love to tickle your bottms!

Seems I missed an Oooooo!

Do you have a dad or elderly uncle?

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We should double date. Any retirement home we can raid?(lol)

yes would love to suck alongside you lol