I'm Still A Virgin

I'm a 21 year old virgin, and it's not by choice. I've just never been good at talking to women. I think it come from me being home schooled. I never was able to pick up th art of flirting or anything like that. And I'm horrible at being able to tell if a girl is attracted to me or not. So as it stands I'm 21 and I don't have any hope of losing my virginity.
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I desperately wanted to lose my virginity before I became legal (16), it was a big thing for me. Two years on and, despite my best efforts, I've still got it. I don't know why, I've been told I'm hot by numerous girls (and guys), but it just seems as though it's not happening, I've only ever had one girlfriend, we were together for a year when I was 14-15, but she was Catholic, so no luck there.

How did you know that that wad the right time to lose it? How dud you know that you didn't want to wait?

It's kinda funny but I actually lost my virginity a week after I posted this story.

Trust me when I tell you, don't even try! Just be yourself and you will find that someone will be attracted to you because of who and what you are. DO NOT rush into bed. You will find happiness in the friendship not in the sex.

you are not alone I'm 22 and I have similar problem.All the boys I know don't see me as a girl, and I'm just can''t flirting or anything like that. And I have never date somebody..But in this live anything is possible and I'm just continue to wait.

Being a virgin is great and being single is even BETTER!<br />
You don't need someone to be happy, it's especially great if you're able to support yourself all on your own.<br />
All you have to do is look at all the annoying girls and douchebag guys and realize that you don't need any of that JUNK!<br />
It is hilarious how many kids these days are getting eachother knocked up! Or just drowning in eachother's DRAMA! <br />
I've had 2 oppurtunities to have sex now and I turned them both down! <br />
21 years old and still a single virgin!

And I'm not really that bad looking. I just have horrible social skills.

I'm not really upset about not throwing myself at everyone around. What bothers me is that I never even had an oppertunity or I have never been close to having sex.