My First Time

It was something I had often fantasized about since I was 15, but I just never had enough nerve to go thru with it when I was that young, wasn't until I was 17 that I met with a 38 yr old black man with whom I invited into my bed and gave my body to for the next three days. We had met on a dating site, chatted online for a few days and then once on cam so I knew he was real but otherwise we were total strangers. It was only minutes from when we actually met, that he forever became the first man to be inside me. He was an awesome beautiful man and even though I was scared and nervous, he really made me feel comfortable and secure. When he arrived I was naked under my robe as he had told me to be, we kissed and hugged for a minute at the door when he arrived, then when he said to, I turned and with his arms around me, I led him to my bedroom. Still standing behind me, I felt him untie my robe, and I then felt his hands upon my naked skin. He quickly ******** my robe away and run his hands up and down my body. He then sat me on my bed and as I watched he ******** before me and it excited me so much to see him standing there, his huge erection sticking out towards me. He stepped forward and gently guided my head towards his swollen **** and instinctively I opened my mouth and he gently pushed his head into me. He was so big I could hardly take much of him in and when he pushed a bit more I started to gag, so he backed away and smiled and said he would teach me more about that later. He bent down to kiss me and when I felt his hand between my thighs I jumped, and it made me squirm and moan when I could feel his fingers touching me and then slip inside me. He was very happy to find me dripping wet and after kissing me once more, he then told me it was time. When he told me that he would not be using condoms, I became really upset, but he then softly explained it would be wrong to spoil my first time and that he had brought some morning after pills for me, as he already knew I was not on birth control. He explained that he just wanted to make it a magical moment for me. Again I was feeling more relaxed and when he asked if I was ready, I nodded yes, and I remember I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful huge erect **** as he pushed me onto my back. He pushed my legs apart as he knelt between them and I shivered when I felt his tongue on me. He stood up soon after and told me how only a true virgin tasted that sweet. He kissed me deeply for a minute and I could taste myself on his lips and feel his hard **** pressing against my thighs. He then pushed me further onto the bed, climbed on it himself, then lifted my legs onto his shoulders and bent over me reaching down with one hand to guide himself to me and I couldn't stop myself from watching as he lowered his body closer to mine, his now throbbing **** pointed right at me and once I felt it touch my ***** I closed my eyes and I helplessly screamed as I felt him slide into me. It hurt as he stretched me as I had never been before, but I still told him I was fine when he asked. I felt him push even deeper into me and soon I could feel his body against the back of my thighs and without seeing, I knew he had forced all of himself into me. He let my legs off of his shoulders and lowered himself onto my chest pressing tight against my breasts as he kissed me. I was crying and he kept softly telling me to relax and it would be ok. He then slowly began to rock back and forth and I could feel him moving inside of me and the more he did so, it did make the pain seem less so and soon I stopped crying. He lay on top of me rocking gently that way for what seemed like a very long time and then he broke off a deep kiss to tell me he as about to ***. He told me to wrap my legs around his waist and then he made a deep grunting moan and I could suddenly feel a different sensation deep within me and at that moment I felt so truly wicked knowing it was his *** flooding into me. we lay like that for several minutes, and I kept thinking about how it had been a much better experience than I had expected. After a while, he lifted himself off of me and I felt him pull himself out of me. He then climbed forward, straddling my chest, and began to teach me how he wanted me to lick and suck him clean, and even though at first I didn't like the taste, I did find it exciting knowing I was making him happy. He then let me rest for a few hours, we watched some movies and I cuddled up against him, I slept as he held me. When I woke, we ordered in a pizza and after we had ate, I told him I wanted to take a shower and just as I started, he joined me. By now I was fairly relaxed being with him and I became a lot more receptive to his actions. Not long after he took me for the second time, it still hurt some, but not like before. We slept most of the nite until he woke me early in the morning with his fingers in my already wet ***** and while I was still half asleep, he rolled me onto my stomach and straddled my thighs and pushed into me. It was something I was truly enjoying and I began to feel familiar sensations I had only felt when ************, when at last it happened, I had my first ****** with him inside me. It really excited him and I could feel him begin to be more forceful with me and soon I had came again just as he did deep within me again too. For the rest of the day, we stayed snuggled together, either sleeping, watching tv or having sex. he began to show me different positions and had me do things for him. He was determined to have all of me, and very early in the morning of the third day I agreed and shortly afterwards in spite of the pain that I felt, I remember a wonderful moment, feeling him deep inside me as he lay over my back kissing my neck with his thighs against mine thanking me for giving all of myself to him. I kept seeing him for several weeks afterwards, and we became friends and I still talk to him regularly and sometimes even have sex with him still :)
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How sweet. I got sexually aroused when I was reading your article.

That's wrong, 17 is still a child.

Awesome story. Every white girl should be so lucky. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all white girls lost their virginity to experienced black men that way?

yuck what is a 17 yr old doing with a 38 yr old man to begin with?

Lovely story, lovely experience for you.... not quite the forceful, overpowering sex you have come to like, but as a first time this was just what the doctor ordered. I really admire your attitude - very few women actually make any move at all to fulfill their fantasies - and here you are going after your fantasy of being taken by a black man and inviting a near complete stranger to your place for your first time and spending three continuous days with him! Admirable! I also hope that since then you have outgrown the vanila experiences and now want more extreme stuff!

Love your stories.

Just read this story again and find you to excite me with your words,you are a good lover and I wish it was me you were loving,would love to be allowed to see you to see your photos please

Very romantic a good way to get broken in,One that a lot of women wish they had.
I enjoyed it very much

Love your story. My daughter's first was my BBC bull and we are BBC exclusive and love it.

Very nice.....I guess you never **** any wht. guys....

Beautiful way to fulfill your fantasy. Every girl should have Black ****. Are you addicted now?

my first time was with a black man too...I was 16 and he was 17...i remember it like it was yesterday...he knew just how to work with me and make it memorable...i been hooked on black ever since

all girls should do to you, when the time comes to bid on a black man who can show them what real sex is. nice hot story

what a hot story.